How does the electronic cigarette

In fact, the percentage of those who actually managed to strike up tobacco, not too high.People quit, start smoking again, re-cast, and so on.What is the strength of cigarettes?Its strength is that it is not only physical but also psychological dependence.Note that even survived the throes of nicotine withdrawal, people will still want to smoke - to blame a habit that was fixed in the mind.

Often the person begins to feel superfluous in smoking company.Especially frustrating it gets when all flock to the smoking room, and he is left alone.

device such as an electronic cigarette, avoids many of the problems faced by those who decided to quit.How does the electronic cigarette?The operating principle is simple: it is dressed with special liquid cartridge - the man is delayed, and the liquid turns into steam.Does it help to quit smoking?Debatable.Some say that it is really a magic bullet, while others argue that it is self-deception, and smoking with the help can not quit.

electronic cigarette - a dev

ice very, very popular.Expensive Is it worth it?It all depends on the model.Do not use the cheapest, because the use of them will not be enough.

principle of operation of the electronic cigarette

This device simulates a real cigarette.Some people use it to keep smoking, and some to not feel uncomfortable at times when quitting smoking.

How does the electronic cigarette?All is arranged so that during smoking person experiences almost the same feeling as in the ordinary process of smoking cigarettes.It is important that the smoke the electronic cigarette does not contain tar, which causes so much harm to our health.

Let's talk directly about how the electronic cigarette.Its size is about the same as that of the present.For her it's like and all of its appearance (simulated filter, and so on).It includes a special liquid cartridge, electronic chip controller and camera spray.Operation of this device is produced by a battery that can be recharged in different ways (through cigarette lighter socket, computer and so on).At the end of each cigarette is a LED.He lights up every time a person makes a puff.

Smoker delayed and thereby activates the chip.That in turn affects the cartridge, from which there is smoke.The temperature of the smoke out of the cartridge is consistent temperature, smoke from cigarettes.

Just note that the e-cigarette smoke can have a variety of odors - the smell of tobacco to smell roses.

cartridges are replaceable.Marketed as with electronic cigarettes, as well as separately.They operate as long as no end fluid contained therein.

itself, this liquid is in most cases consists of an aqueous solution of propylene glycol and any flavoring.Nicotine is found not all cartridges.

How does the electronic cigarette in terms of removal of nicotine addiction?The person who uses it, not particularly mental discomfort.He smokes electronic cigarette, and at this time the brain perceives it almost like a real one.The first time it is recommended to use a nicotine cartridge, and eventually go to those that do not contain this substance at all.

harmful to the electronic cigarette?Officially, it has not been proved.Is it a magic device that would help to engage with tobacco?Most likely, it is not.The bottom line is that it have fallen in most cases still be returned to smoking.