How to make canapes for children

When your pipsqueak eventually grows up and begins to consciously relate to everything going on around, parents have a more responsible approach to the design of all the festivities that are devoted to the child.They should be bright and unique, to moments of unforgettable feasts and remained in the memory for years to come.Particular care should be drawn up taking into account the menu tastes hero for the day, as well as all of its youngest guests.But what if the time to cook some fancy dishes are left, and I want to treat the kids to something special and delicious?A word of advice: Serve children canapes.This is the best way to diversify the usual menu, something original, and that it is equally important to control the amount eaten by each child in order to avoid further problems with digestion.

How to prepare canapés?This simple dish is usually strung on a skewer pieces of a variety of products.The composition may vary depending on the flavors as you wish, without any restrictions.Sofas for child

ren should be not only pleasant to the taste, but looks and original design.It is very important to interest kids a bright and interesting form.Here you will come to the aid of his own fantasy, as well as some ready-made options.

To get started is yet to decide from which will be prepared canapes for children who come to visit your daze.Carefully Treat composition, because in the small age kids should eat only fresh, quality and natural products.The best option may be a puff snack from a variety of fruits or vegetables.And the second option it is possible to prepare a salad instead.It will be much more useful, because canapés will not need to add the proverbial mayonnaise.As practice shows, even the most capricious children, who usually do not like to eat vegetables, happy to help themselves by them in this form of amusement.

not want to mess with long cooking fruit salad, and whipping cream do not have time?All the ingredients are enough to cut into small pieces and combine with a toothpick.It is possible to take into account the original combinations of colors and create a "striped" (kiwi fruit - strawberry, orange - banana, peach - cherry, and so on) canapes.For children, it is important that the dish was just bright and beautiful.

and canapes can be used as a dessert, if you cook it from a variety of sweets.There will be appropriate colored marshmallows, candy and jellies.Such interesting sweet tea will appeal not only small, but also for all adults.In addition, these products are useful for children and shown to enhance brain activity.So if your child works hard all day at school and gets tired, these canapés will be for him the best reward for the effort.

But how did file such a culinary miracle on the table.Here's one amusing idea.In a deep bowl, dissolve gelatin green and let it harden in the refrigerator thoroughly.Pour utensils with hot water and place the contents on a flat plate.You should get a treat semicircular shape.Attach to the workpiece "eyes", "mouth" and "nose" with the help of colorful chewy sweets, marmalade and marshmallow pieces and attach them to the small jelly sticks (you can use for this purpose pieces of toothpicks).A top gently insert canapes.For children, it could be called "alien", which came from a distant planet, to treat them as "cosmic sweets."From such a feast can not refuse anyone.