Anton Chekhov "Ionich": Summary of works

Story "Ionich", a summary of which is set out below, was written in the late 19th century.The sad history of the country doctor then excited the minds of the whole country.Chekhov showed how to degrade and turn into a greedy person in a short time.

Chekhov "Ionich": a summary of the story

The plot revolves around a young country doctor named Dmitry Startsev.He comes into town, where they learned about the wonderful family Turkins that suits family performances.On the appointed day and Ionich (a summary of the same story will be explained below) comes out to dinner.There he hears the mother of the family read your own novel, and his daughter, as they called it in the family - Kitten - playing complex musical number.The doctor thinks, how would quickly end it all, but at the same time catching myself thinking that Catherine like him.Later he finds out that she wants to enroll in the conservatory.This is followed by dinner, which demonstrates his talents already head of the family: he speaks bolypi

gskom language.Soon, the evening ends.

takes some time.Soon the Elders received an invitation from the mother of the family: it is said that no one urban doctor can not cure her migraines.From that moment Ionich (Chekhov, a summary of the story presented here, did this story sad and sad) begins to happen more often with them, trying to take care of the seals (Catherine).And now the Elders sent to the family in order to make an offer.

where doctors expect disappointment in the failure of a girl.Three days of anxious feelings replaces unpretentious life of an ordinary doctor.

After 4 years Elders gain experience, becomes good, I have seen many specialist.He has no friends, no family.People irritate him.

Once Ionich are invited to celebrate the birthday of the mother of the family Turkins.There's nothing has changed: all the same own novel, the same music on the piano.The hero finds himself thinking that he is glad that did not marry seals.After dinner, they go down to the garden where Ionich complains about a boring life, and Catherine admits that she has no aptitude for the game, it is the same as her mother.

Ionich (a summary of the story helps to know the characters and plot) hears the confession that he was the best person with whom she was acquainted only.

This day remains in the memory of a country doctor.He argues that if the people of the talents that went to glory, recognize themselves incompetent, what will happen to the city, with its population of philistine?It takes several years, and we see how completely overtaken Ionych degradation: he was fat, panting man.

Chekhov wrote an amazing story "Ionich", a summary of which we have considered above.In short, it would seem, can be considered works of the writer, as a person merges with those who despised as it degrades, it becomes everyman.The author emphasizes that the hero after giving Catherine begins to live and hate people, but later becomes exactly the same.