All Dostoyevsky novels and stories are based on experiences of the human soul.He does not care what makes a hero.He is important to what he thinks and what he says.All the works of author goes a long dialogues and monologues.And it is very difficult to retell their summary.Dostoyevsky ("Crime and Punishment" helps to see this) is considered a genius writer.And no wonder: he looks deep into the human soul.

Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment": a summary of the first part

Rodion Raskolnikov - the protagonist of this novel.Poor, dressed in rags.He lives in an apartment.Rather, it is a miserable komorka, but there is nothing to pay for it.Already a few months have passed since Rodion left the University.

The young man serious, nervous state.In his mind conceived plan that he mentally prepares for implementation.He decided to kill the old woman money-lender.

One evening Rodion meets Marmeladovs.He tells about the bitter fate of his family.The fact that her daughter Sonja had to go to the bar, as the

re is nothing to feed the younger children.

Then Raskolnikov gets a letter from his mother that he is very sad.He goes to the Razumihin fellow at the university.On the road he meets the drunken girl is going to go to the gentleman with "dirty" intentions.Rodion sends her home.

And for myself suddenly decides to go Razumihin after will be finished with his ideas.At home, he quickly prepares the crime.However, during a visit to lender had killed not only her, but Lisa - younger sister of an old woman.

Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment": a summary of the second part

Early morning.Rodion wakes up in a nervous chill.He remembers the murder yesterday, examines clothes, trying to remove traces of blood.Hides the stolen goods for the wallpaper come off.

All further events are like a dream.Raskolnikov call the police about non-payment of the rent.It behaves abnormally, too excited.In the end, he loses consciousness.

wander aimlessly through the city, he suddenly decides to commit suicide by jumping from the bridge.But then the woman throws herself off the bridge.It saves the police.Rodion rejects the idea of ​​suicide.

He decides to go to the police.Suddenly a man comes under the horse.Raskolnikov learns Marmeladova and all the forces trying to help him.He feels relieved: a visit to the police delayed.

Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment": a summary of the third part

Rodion requires sister, so that she refused her fiance, because he does not accept her sacrifice.He comes to my mind to go to the police with Razumikhin.It is important to know - whether he is suspected of anything?

Going to dinner at his mother, Raskolnikov sees the janitor shows him some philistine.Rodion trying to find out what was going on, but freezes in place.Bourgeois distinctly calls him a murderer.

Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment": a summary of the fourth part

Raskolnikov at the dinner his mother arguing with her fiance's sister.He accuses him of lying and shown the door out.Sister Rodion said that he was visited by its former owner of Svidrigailov.And that his wife Dunya Svidrigailov left on his will three thousand rubles.

After dinner, he says goodbye to his mother and sister, and asks him not to bother.And he goes to Sonia, the daughter Marmeladova.They had a long talk.Rodion thinks that they both "in the mud" and they need to go further together.

The fifth and sixth parts: a summary.Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment»

Luzhin invites Sonia to her to give her ten rudders for the widow.And quietly in her pocket she throws a hundred rubles.Then is the wake Marmeladova and accuses Sonia of stealing.

Raskolnikov comes a policeman.They had a long talk.Porfiry Petrovitch Raskolnikov says that he knows who killed the old woman and Lizaveta, her sister.And it was he - Raskolnikov.Only in the investigation against him is nothing.

In Siberia, for nine months in a prisoner Raskolnikov.Sonia goes after him, they are quite often seen.She writes about everything Dunya and Razumikhin, who became her husband Dunin.