Gorky "The Lower Depths."

in shelters, which belongs Kostylev and his wife, Vasilisa, the poor live, hang down, "former people", as determined by their own bitter."The Lower Depths", a summary of which we will continue to consider, with all the terrible truth speaks of them as those who do not have no faith, no hope.Meaninglessness of human life, forcing these people to paint it, to amuse itself ghostly illusions.But the reality is cruel bursts and destroys them.

Gorky "The Lower Depths."Synopsis Act 1

The play begins with a quarrel erupted between the trough, peddler dumplings, and ticks, her husband dying here Anna.Then the guests for a long time trying to find out who has to clean the room, because nobody do not want to.

actor to avoid unscheduled duty, choking Anne offers to help get out into the hall, get some air.

At this time, there is a flophouse crutches.He suspects that his young wife turns tricks with a thief Ash and came looking for her.But Ash runs the host.What Satin advises him to kill Kostyleva and beco

me the owner of all this home.

Generous Ash lends money actors.What evil tick notes that the thief money easily given, and he - a working man, and proud of it.

During this dispute hostess sister, Natasha, brought a new guest Luka.Immediately it becomes clear that she really like Vaska Ashes.But it is dangerous.Jealous Vasilisa has repeatedly beaten her for it.Indeed, shortly behind the scenes I hear Vasilisa trying to kill Natasha.

Gorky "The Lower Depths."Summary 2 act

night in a flophouse gathered almost all of its inhabitants.Some play cards, others are drafts, someone sings plaintively.

Luke sitting at the bedside of the unfortunate Anna.He comforts her, explaining that she will rest in the other world, and no longer know the troubles.At the same time he tells about the wonderful actor and a clinic for alcoholics, later promising to name the city where it is located.

Ash is trying to find out from Medvedev strongly if Vasilisa beat Natasha, for he hears threats from the police.At this point Luke intervenes, offering a thief to go to Siberia, as there is good to those who have a head on your shoulders.

Later Luke overheard Ash and Vasilisa, in which she offered him money to kill her husband, and then pick up Natasha and leave.

Gorky "The Lower Depths."Summary 3 act

Behind the house, in a vacant lot, Anastasia talks about his love of the French.It is evident that the whole plot drawn from the novels that she likes to read.She did not believe she was offended, and Luke confirms that if she believes that love was, then, the way it is.

Asked Natasha, why, he's a good old man replies that the world necessarily need someone to be so, and tells the story of the escaped convicts, whom he sheltered in the cold winter.

Ashes when Luke asked again Natasha believe him and get away with it.The old man supports and advises the guy to run together.All this is overheard Vasilisa.A Kostylev, which appeared in a vacant lot, tells Luka get out of the rooming house.

soon becomes audible, as Kostyleva beat Natasha.Ash just stand up for her, in the fight accidentally kills the host.

«At the bottom of" Gorky, a summary of the Act 4

In the confusion, the former at the time, Luke was gone.Guests can not forget it.In addition, they say that Natasha, who at that terrible day scalded with boiling water sister, has left the hospital, and more about it do not hear anything.Ashes on trial, and Vasilisa certainly will turn, because it is tricky.

all gloomy and depressed.Satin, trying to reconcile with the life of their neighbors, says fervently that all are free to choose, and to spare no need to - you need only respect.Gathered at night, guests are willing to sing all night.They tightened "The sun rises and sets ..", but at this time runs Bubnov and shouts that the actor hanged himself.There is silence and a Satin sighs that this song is ruined.

play "The Lower Depths" (Gorky), an outline of the actions which we have considered, is tragic, but it is very ambiguous, and to understand it, you need a thoughtful reading of the full text.