"Ivanhoe": a summary of the most famous novel by Sir Walter Scott

«Ivanhoe» - this is a historical novel, describing medieval England.Events occur at 12.While the rules of England Richard the First, known as Lionheart, and the country tochilas struggle between Normans and Saxons.The author of the novel's title is the founder of historical Romance Walter Scott.

«Ivanhoe": summary

This novel is dedicated to the distant past.Therefore, a summary of "Ivanhoe" is to start with a description of the historical circumstances in which heroes of the novel.England is going through a difficult time.King Richard the First remains in captivity.At that time, his brother, Prince John, intends to seize the throne.

-born Saxon Cedric Rotervudsky dreams reset Norman rule and revive the power of their people.According to him, the future head of the liberation movement should be Athelstan Koningsburgsky.Cedric decides to marry him to Lady Rowena, his pupil, which is the last representative of the kind of King Alfred.But Lady Rowena is tied to the son of Cedric, Ivanhoe.Summary des

cribes that because of this infuriated Cedric expels son of the house and disinherited.

The plot of the novel begins with the fact that Ivanhoe surreptitiously disguised as a pilgrim returning from the Crusades.Soon he catches up with Brian de Boisguillebert squad, Commander of the Temple, is directed to a joust.This tournament takes place in the presence of Prince John.Brian de Boisguillebert surely win many knights.But suddenly there is a new arena knight shield is decorated with the slogan "disinherited".It causes Templar to fight and wins.As the winner, he chooses the queen of love and beauty, which becomes Rowena.On the second day knight "disinherited" wins already with the help of the mysterious Black Knight.The award Rowena must assign to the head of the first honorable knight crown.When it is removed from the helmet, it falls bleeding.In a strange knight Ivanhoe everyone will know.Summary tells us that Prince John sees this as a sign that Richard first got freedom.So he begins to look for supporters, promising them great rewards.For example, Maurice de Bracy, he offers his wife's rich and noble bride Lady Rowena, who was named a knight decides to kidnap.

Soon Cedric and his companions (among them was wounded Ivanhoe) attacked a detachment of bandits, led by stand Boisguillebert and De Bracy.The prisoners were taken to a fortified castle, where De Bracy trying to win the favor of Lady Rowena, but she tells him resolute refusal.At this time the castle besieged the Black Knight, who had once helped Ivanhoe.Summary describes how he captivates de Bracy and rescues Ivanhoe.But the siege of the castle die Athelstan, the groom Lady Rowena.

At the end of the novel Ivanhoe (a summary of which is missing a lot of detail), the reader learns that the Black Knight - is none other than King Richard the First.Having taken its rightful place on the throne, he forgives Prince John.Cedric, in turn, agrees to Ivanhoe wedding and Lady Rowena.