Which camera to buy a beginner photographer or a professional path

The camera is not the means of luxury, not a privilege masters.Moreover, at the moment divided into strictly photo-pictures and photos.Yet still we have people who aspire to great.Each of these people is given one question: "What kind of camera to buy novice photographer?"One of the most famous photographers said a very interesting phrase: "The overriding part is a good shot for the camera."Naturally, it is meant the photographer.Many novice photographers "dipped" cameras for $ 80, 100, 200 and so on.

In the world there is a preconceived notion that the question of what kind of camera to buy a beginner photographer, dominated by money and a quality and expensive machinery.But it is necessary to remove from the eyes pink filters.The key to any quality photographs becomes not a machine, but a man.In life, there are a thousand confirmations to this statement.It suffices to take any of the average owner of a professional camera for the 2000 - 4000 thousand dollars.For example, 90% of these people will ne

ver translate his camera shooting mode on the machine and video.And imagine what wonders could do such a camera in the hands of a master.

Expensive does not mean good

many buyers in stores, in response to a question about which camera to buy a beginner photographer, vparivayut dorogushchie Semi-pros or with a 20-megapixel Matica and 12500 ISO.The buyer does not know that the larger the physical size of the matrix, the more noise it makes and the more disgusting images are obtained.There was a case when a customer asked a consultant to the question of what kind of camera to buy a beginner photographer, and consultant offered him a model for $ 2,500.The models have been both video and 21 megapixel matrix and so on. D., And so on. N. At the same time, the buyer asked for a simple model for $ 800 and began to make a series of images from both cameras with a sensitivity of 400 ISO.And in the end it turned out that a cheap camera 2 times surpassed expensive.And that's a fact.This phenomenon is very common.

What to look for?

But this does not mean that in deciding what is best to buy a camera, it is necessary to take the most backward model.Just everything is approached with a mind to know what to look for.If the buyer is limited in the budget, it is worth looking at a model with a good native lens.As many of you know, for many years there is a war from Nikon and Canon.And if you ask, "What camera to buy novice photographer?"- Each will call their brand.But through many years of experience it has been deduced that the most high-quality optics of the entry-level, in particular the one that comes bundled with the camera, is the privilege of Nikon, that is, if you have limited resources or do not plan to buy interchangeable lenses, the Nikon help you.Yet no matter stamps.If you ask an expert what is best to buy SLR camera, it will not call you to fly specific brands.It will take an interest, for which you get the machine, in what circumstances and on what settings will be removed and, on this basis, will give advice.

buy a low-end, high-quality camera but could and should be, but it is worth remembering a few things.

1. It is necessary to pay attention to the minimum value of the ISO, the best value is less than 100, the maximum threshold is 200.

2. It is necessary to pay attention to the optics and to select machines marked VR, this will reduce the percentage of blurred images about half.

3. The density of pixels on the sensor.The more the real size of a pixel matrix and more surface area, the more the image quality can be obtained even at 6 megapixels.