How to install windows 7 from the disk without any loss of the required information.

So, you are not running an operating system, and you now need to reinstall it.But you do not know how to do it.You have no friends who could help in this matter.And you might be thinking, how to install the Windows 7 disc.But there's nothing wrong with that.It will take some general knowledge of working with computers.Next will be described how to install Windows 7 from the disc correctly, without losing the necessary information.

attack.You need a disk with the operating system.You can take a friend or buy in the store.But if you do not want to spend money, you can just download the image and burn to a disc.

To begin go to the Internet and downloading an image of any version of Windows 7. It is advisable to the full version, not trimmed.The easiest way to do this using torrents.For example, it is possible to download the torrent known Russian RuTracker.In addition, there may be a description of how to install Windows 7 from the disk just for this version of the OS.

Once you have downloaded the di

sk image, burn it to a real disk.This can be done by means of various programs, for example, Nero.Now you have the drive and you can start.

How to install the Windows 7 from the disk to the computer.

First, if your computer has important information, then copy it onto an optical disk or to another local drive.For example, on drive D, in the folder Temp.Which files can be important, and about which you may have forgotten:

• My Documents;

• files from the desktop;

• Download folder on drive C;

• sohranok files for different games;

• files for torrent downloads.They are located in the folder «C: \ Users \ [username] \ AppData \ Roaming \ uTorrent \»

• the necessary configuration files for other programs, which are located in the folder «C: \ Users \ [username] \ AppData \ Roaming\ »

• sensitive files from the folder« C: \ Users \ [username] \ AppData \ Local \ »

Then insert the disk into the drive and start the installation.You can immediately through your operating system, or restart the computer and boot from the disk.

How to boot from the disc.

You can go into the BIOS and configure it to your computer first ship with an optical drive, and then from the hard drive.To do this, boot the computer, press Del or Delete.At different motherboards differently.They get a menu with First Device, the second and third device.First select the drive.

do anything else without changing the settings.As soon as the screen will display information from the motherboard, you will need to press F8 or F12 (depending on the model of the motherboard), and there will be a list of devices from which you can boot.Select the drive.

investigates the question, "how to install the Windows 7 from disk."

Then begins the process of installation.It's simple.You agree to the license.Then (if you have a full distribution of the operating system), you will be prompted to select the language of the future system.There will also be given a choice of bit depth.It is better to select x86 than x64.Because it is such a common Windows and many programs under this operating system is up and running.For 64-bit you will need other drivers, as well as some programs will not work.

But it is important here that.If you have a large amount of RAM, then select x64, since in x86 system only recognizes 3GB of RAM.

will then be asked to select the partition on which to install the new Windows.Choose the partition where was your old version.Almost always, this is drive C. There will also be an opportunity to format the local drive, or left unchanged.It is better to format.But first it was necessary to copy all the necessary files (about this has been written above).

Then click install and wait.Even during installation serves to set the time and time zone, and keyboard layout.

How to restore Windows 7 disc.

Sometimes it happens that you can not copy the files you need, and you drive recorded or taken from friends, because your operating system is not loaded.In this case, there is a point when you install the OS recovery.With this setup, replaced files in the Windows folder and even some system files without loss of data for you.