Restore the boot sector of Windows 7

Windows 7 - is a very robust operating system, but there are problems with it.When a computer running the Linux operating system fails to boot, it may need to restore the boot sector CDM, from which the initialization and the start of the whole system.

If the problem is not related to the user's actions, as a rule, built-in diagnostics of Windows 7 will be able to solve the problem yourself, you need to wait for restarting after a failed launch, which offers boot into System Restore, and there choose to self-correction.

Unfortunately, this remedy is not always helpful, in rare cases, it may be useless and you have to work with his hands.In order to bring the computer in order (if you prefer to call in such cases, the master, read more, I advise you not to) you will need to perform a few simple steps.Also, manual boot sector recovery windows 7 necessarily need those set Windows XP on a computer that is already running Windows 7, as the boot record (MBR) WinXP erases the data that the MBR has made se

ven.After this experiment, you will only boot XP, as Win7 OS among the options will not be simple.But in this case it is easier to apply to the utility EasyBCD, description of which can be found on the network.

So, if you are experiencing the problems described at the beginning of this material, first calm down, nothing terrible has happened and everything can be corrected, as the recovery of the boot sector to a modern operating system - a procedure normally.

your actions will differ depending on what exactly led to the inability to boot into "seven".

If you installed Win7 on top of the operating system WinXP - then you should download the program EasyBCD.Run it in XP, you can in a few simple steps to restore the boot and return to the list of boot Windows 7.

If you, for example, to install Windows XP on top of Windows 7 and are loaded via EasyBCD, and then, for some reason, decided to carry onCDM partition with XP - then you have a more complex situation.Removing XP, and you have removed EasyBCD, which means that now the computer does not know how to download it though any operating system.

to restore the boot sector of Windows 7 have to remember where you have is a recovery disk Win7 (of course you have it set up, right?), Or if the answer is no, then look for the disk to install the operating system.No matter what you find there, and then insert the drive.Now you need to boot from the drive and enter the section "System Restore."With utility Bootrec.exe, which is available on the installation disk and restore the "Seven" recovery Win7 boot sector will not take long.

When you select the "System Restore", you will after a short wait the options likely to be possible to recover only one operating system - Windows 7. On the next screen at the bottom, you will see the option "Command Prompt", click on it and the window opensin which you will type a few commands.

first make sure everything was in order with the utility Bootrec, to enter this command in the console bootrec and press "enterĀ» (Enter).Next, each team will have to be completed by pressing the key.You will see text that describes the features of the utility.

To start restoring the boot sector, type the command

bootrec / fixmbr

If the answer to the computer to write that "The operation completed successfully" means everything is all right and the loader overwritten.You can move on to the second part, we collect command

bootrec / fixboot

Once you hit enter, the computer will generate a new boot sector, all you can now type a command


After all these manipulations, you can restart the computer and enjoy the normal operation of yourOS.

As you have seen, the recovery of the boot sector of Windows 7 - it's really a very simple procedure.