How to restore your hard drive

Hard Drive - an important part of the computer, because a failure of another component can be safely replaced, and change the hard drive that stores important information is problematic.Failure of the hard drive, all data on it can trace the abyss.Therefore, the failure of a hard drive, many ask: "How to restore the hard disk?".

As a rule, before the crash or hard drive makes strange noises, or it is not determined by the operating system.There are 3 main problems:

  1. BIOS does not see hard drive.Chances are that, down came the drive electronics.If it contains the right information, you can contact the service center, where it will be able to transfer to other media.
  2. There was the noise of the hard drive.If the disk is still functioning, the urgent need to transfer all the information to other media such as a DVD or flash drive.This issue is related to the malfunction of the actuator drive is easier and cheaper to buy a new hard drive than to give it away for repair.
  3. Hard Drive does not see Windows.
    When such failure is almost always possible to restore the full functionality of the disc.This can be done with the help of special software that can recover data on the hard disk.

If any faults are best attributed drive to the studio, because experts know how to restore the hard disk drive.Of course, it is possible and to try to revive your hard drive.To do this, take it apart, using a star screwdriver, gently open.After that, armed with alcohol, rubber and cotton swab and rub all contacts.Sometimes it helps and allows you to restore media.

Some users are interested in, "Is it possible to perform hard drive data recovery after accidental format?".Of course you can, but you need a special program, for example, Hetman Partition Recovery.With it, you can return the information that was on the hard drive before deleting or formatting.The program is able to recover not only the 80-90% of the lost information, but also a tree of folders on your hard drive.

The program interface is quite simple and straightforward, but let's analyze in detail how to restore the hard disk after formatting.After starting the program you will need to select the logical drive from which you deleted the files.If necessary, restore the hard drive formatted to choose a physical disk.

If the media is quite big, the analysis can take a long time, therefore, to restore the files is better to use the search function deleted partitions.There are two ways to recover information:

  1. full analysis of the physical media.This way you will be able to recover data after deletion, formatting, disk corruption, rebuilding logical partitions.This analysis takes a long time.
  2. Quick Scan.This method is suitable for people who want to restore recently deleted files.The scan time of the hard drive in this mode takes less than a minute.

After analysis, the program will indicate the number of found files and folders.Then open them in Windows Explorer Windows.All information will be found marked with a red cross.You can run a search for the file size, title and date of creation.Save files are available on the various media, including CD-ROMs, servers, memory stick.

Now you know how to restore the hard drive formatted and how to recover deleted files from your computer.Using simple program can not only recover the data on the hard disk, but also on any physical medium.