If a close person has died, what to do?

You died a relative - what to do to survive this grief?This question bothers many people, when they lose a loved one.After all, almost everything in this world once faced with the loss of dear people.Surviving a loss is very difficult, because the loss of a loved relative or a loved one - always unforeseen event.Even if a person is seriously ill, it is hard to believe that he's gone.

You died a loved one - what to do?

the death of a loved one, you can feel the loss of emotional ties, a sense of guilt or a sense of unsettled debt to him.All these thoughts may cause great stress.You understand that I would never see this man and drowning in despair and grief.When a person feels the sorrow he can not continue to live a normal life, he feels a sense of detachment and falls into despair.Feel the stress after you have lost a loved one is absolutely natural.Over time, it will pass, just remember that life goes on.You can go to church, talking with relatives about your experiences, to walk through the qu

iet places - all this will help you grieve.

But there are several steps that have to go through a man to cope with his loss:

man died, what to do in the first stage after death?

first stage - the first nine days after death.At this time, you feel a shock, and fall into a stupor.During this period, you should weep all my tears, because tears - a medication that helps get rid of stress and inner experiences.

man died, what to do in the second stage after death?

second stage lasts up to 40 days.It is expressed in the fact that you can not accept the loss of a loved one.You dreams with that person, and it may seem that he is somewhere nearby.If you often see dreams and think about the dead, then you simply can not cope with this loss.On stage, you should understand that this world was created, the death of a person - it is the law of nature.

man died, what to do in the third stage after death?

third stage can last up to six months.During this time you are trying to come to terms with his loss.A few months after you have lost a loved one, you can feel the devastation and severe mental anguish.Man thinks that life is over, there may be a sense of guilt.At this point you have to understand that all the feelings that you are experiencing with respect to the deceased person - it's just self-pity.Do you feel sorry for yourself because you have been deprived of something dear and precious in life.So you have to stop feeling sorry for yourself and start to empathize with other people.Try to shift the focus from himself to others and to understand their feelings and emotions.

man died, what to do in the fourth stage after death?

fourth stage - this time to a year after a person's death.At this stage, you are taking that have lost a loved one, you stop crying and learn to live in a world where there is already dead.It takes a sense of anger at the whole world, you learn to control your grief.You remember the departed alive and talks about the memorable highlights of the life of a loved one.

After all these stages, many changes in a man and his outlook on life.Once people realized and passed all the stages of his grief, he would often change anything in his life.

Surviving the loss of a loved one is difficult, but the time - this is the best doctor.The deceased loved one will always be in your heart.Remember that your friends always support you, will listen and help you deal with your grief.And do not forget that your life goes.It is therefore necessary to set new goals and move forward confidently.