Professional formatting the hard disk

There are cases, when problems with the hard disk can only be solved by removing the information from the hard drive, and the need to complete the formatting of the disk, rather than any of its individual parts.If you have such a situation, then you need to be familiar with the various treatment options Hardy.

Let's start with the most simple and standard way to remove information, using means of Windows.

Select any partition of your hard drive and click the right mouse button.As a result, you will see the following Popup-menu, where you need to select "Format".

Then a special window will appear.There you do not need to change anything.

If you want to make a quick removal of data, check the box beside "Speed".If you need to format the hard disk, which is constantly slow, buggy and crashes, then you will be desirable to make a complete disk formatting, removing the check mark from "fast".Of course, this process is quite long (the process depends on the volume section), but it formats on the physical

level and completely cleans it.If you choose the fastest option, simply cleared information about files located on hard in a special hidden system file table.But they remain.That is, then you can restore files using special data recovery software.But if in their place to write any file, the old will be lost beyond recovery.

should be noted that if you ever make a full, ie thorough removal of data on a healthy hard drive, so that it can quickly spoil.

But if you suddenly decide to press "hard drive formatting," which is a system, then you will get an error, which states that "Format this volume can not be."This is due to the fact that you are currently working in the operating system, which is located on this section.This means that the format the partition, which is the system, you can not.

To remove data from the system volume, as an option, you can use a different computer.It is necessary to connect your hard drive to it, and then boot from the main Hardy and format your partition the way described above.By then it will have no restrictions.

can also do formatting the disk through the command line.To do this, open it.Press the keyboard «windows» + R.You will see a window "Run".It can also be run using the Start menu.The path is as follows: Start »All Programs" standard "to perform.There

enter «cmd».After that, the command prompt appears.

To format the hard disk, type «format d».After that you will get a message to format or not, and you will be informed that the result of this will erase all data.

For more information about the parameters of this command can be found in the help by typing the command line «format /?».

should not think that formatting a hard disk can be done using only the means of operational system Windows.To do this, there are many programs that you can download on the Internet.

For example, you can use the «Acronis Disk Director», which allows you to make formatting the hard disk.But among other things, it has a huge number of functions for working with hard drives.

This program has two modes.Automatic and manual.In manual mode, you will have a lot more features than the automatic.The last is to use people who are poorly versed in computers and everything connected with it.

Use any technique that you enjoy most.The easiest way - is by using standard operating systems.but if you can not themselves understand what it is, feel free to go to a specialist.