What should I do if I forget the password of the computer

Quite often, in an attempt to protect your computer from prying eyes and hands, we set the password to log in.And all would be nothing if the human brain and securely store information such as computer, but we tend to forget sometimes the most important things.So, a common problem and a standard question: "What if I forgot the password from the computer?ยป

often "well-wishers" are advised not to play safely and to reinstall the operating system.We can not say that the council will not help, but why complicate things when everything can be done much faster and easier.If it is not a "protected" BIOS, it is easier to learn how to reset the password is provided for the account if the user has forgotten the password.

easiest way to regain access to your computer - utility ERD Commander.Type in a search engine.The utility is freely available and spread, so download the disk image will not be difficult.

Record the image with any program to burn CDs or make a bootable USB flash drive to boot from and run

it.Restart the computer and enter the BIOS, it is necessary to change the boot priority.If you want to boot from the disk, change the value of the First Boot Device Priority (usually called so) on the DVD-ROM drive or USB HDD when booting from the flash drive.Loaded and if the owner has forgotten the user password, select the first item.Hit Enter.Next download will be held and there will be a choice of OS.Choose the (if there is plenty to choose from), which lost access.We find the "Start" menu go to "System", then we look for the wizard to change the password.Click in the window and select "Next."Now enter "New Password" and "Confirm password" must ALWAYS enter new values.This password will be temporary, and when Windows is required to change it.You can even enter "1" as a password, enter and confirm the important thing.Press the "Next" and "Finish".When you first boot the operating system will issue a warning that you need to change your password.Agree, and change the time on a permanent or a confirmation box is left empty.In this case, the protection function will act automatically.Now it is clear what to do when the owner forgot the password to the user in Windows XP.

And what if the forgot password on the computer that is running Windows 7?

The procedure is the same as in the case of XP.Rock, record, assign, run, but ... For this, we need to run the Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset.It has several tools to restore the system, and among them, we need to choose "Master password changes."And then have as described above.As a result, instead of the complicated explanations of how to reset your password, we will replace it skillfully.Quickly and efficiently.

If the owner does not know what to do if you forgot password of the computer, and the above method does not help (which is unlikely), there are plenty of other utilities.However, other methods are not so fast, but the efficiency is guaranteed.These tools are able to reset any password.The principle is simple.Loading the minimum version of alternative operating systems, for example, Linux, or DOS.With their help, you can open access to the archive passwords, but rather to the encrypted files, which are stored in the form autofill.Examples of the use of such hacking can easily find on the Internet.But it's still breaking and it leads to consequences.You lose access to all data that are subjected to encryption.What to do?If you forget the password from the computer but want the integrity of all files, then we must act so.Run alternative operating system and decoder.Most often used LC4 or Proactive Windows Security Explorer.These programs are carried out character by character password guessing.They did not crack, and pick up and restore.This process can take from an hour to a week (!).It depends on the complexity of the combination.

choice of methods is.By and large, it all depends on your time and the ability to navigate the device utilities and software of the computer.