How to Cook Pangasius quickly and easily

Fish considered polupostnym dish.Only in very few days of strict fasting it is not allowed to have, for example, during Holy Week.

known that fish appeared on the desk of the Russian people much earlier than meat.Our ancestors, who settled along the banks of rivers, drank mostly freshwater fish, which ate fresh, salted, dried, dried, smoked.Snack dishes were salted fish and fish jellies.Fish cooked soup, fried it in a pan oil, boiled and turned up (steam fish, cooked with a small amount of water), baked, cooked cakes, sophisticated dishes with fish and porridge, noodles and vegetables.

In our time, on the table you'll find most of Pangasius.Dense white flesh of the fish wins the tenderness and rich flavor.

Before you cook the pangasius, should undertake the preparation of this product.

Specific receptions fish processing include the so-called "system of three P", which means that the fish should be clean, acidified, salt.The first and third - it is clear, and acidified fish mainly dry wine or lem

on juice.

Typical recipe pangasius is different from the classic recipes of fish dishes.The simplest - is, of course, hot.To do this, take the fillets and acidified it.Before you cook pangasius fillet slice of the small pieces and roll first in flour, then in beaten eggs, which can add a little pepper and basil, and the last stage - dip in bread crumbs and send in the heated pan with vegetable oil.Fry briefly, in a couple of minutes on both sides.Fish meat tender and cooked quite quickly.

You can also bake the fish.To do this, rub the two medium carrots on a fine grater, crumble two medium onions, cut four slices of lemon and take four small pangasius fillets.Preheat the oven.Each piece of fish put on the foil, sprinkle with pepper, marjoram, sprinkle with grated carrots and onions.Before you cook pangasius in the oven, do not forget to acidify it by putting it on top of a slice of lemon.Thus the prepared dish, wrap and send bake.After half an hour you can get it.This will notify the pleasant aroma of cooked catfish.Previous

how to cook the pangasius, you need to decide whether the fish served as a main course with a side dish or without, or as an appetizer.In the first case you need to use a larger cutting fillets or whole.For a side dish is best suited white rice.It emphasizes not only good taste of catfish, but also its excellent white.In the second case, you should use a larger amount of vegetables that they served as a side dish.For cooking catfish can be fed a variety of sauces, such as the green herb on the mandatory use of the same marjoram.A good supplement will serve as a green salad with lots of greens such as parsley, dill, lettuce, cucumber.To fill such additives dipami better specific example, based on vinegar or olive oil.White dry or semi-dry wine also will be very helpful.

Everything is quite simple, as you can see, and now you know how to cook pangasius.The same scheme can be prepared and other fishes, but white.

In addition, fish is a valuable source of unsaturated fatty acids omega-3, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the brain, as well as a large amount of phosphorus and other minerals.As polupostnym products, fish, including, of course, wonton, how to cook as described above, is acceptable to the daily diet of even the most ardent supporters of diet.