How to pickle eggs pink salmon

no secret that red caviar is produced from fish salmon: pink salmon, chinook, chum and others.Caviar is very useful, this nutritious product valued in ancient times.At all times caviar is considered a delicacy worthy of the most important people, even in the royal welcome, she was one of the main dishes.And how to pickle eggs pink salmon and other fish, few knew.This recipe was passed to the royal dynasty of chefs inherited as a great treasure.

Although the eggs and fry, and put in the ear, but the most common method of preparation - is, of course, salting.Today we will open you the secret of how to pickle pink salmon spawn.But before we delve into the intricacies of cooking, let's see, what is a calf, and why it is particularly popular in the form of saline.

If you look at the eggs from the standpoint of a biochemist, we will see that in the red caviar calories much more than, for example, in the meat.Thus, 100 grams Egg "packed" 250 kcal, and in the same quantity of the same meat - not more than

150 kcal.The pink salmon eggs are very high in fat and protein.And the benefits of fish oil is known to every child.In this valuable oil includes amino acids, B vitamins, magnesium, calcium, iodine, phosphorus, and other no less important for the human body micronutrients.And besides fish oil, in contrast to animal fats, cholesterol adds these vessels, but rather helps to get rid of it.

Naturally, if the roast or boil the eggs, the protein will fold immediately, all minerals and vitamins will be lost.Because caviar is a valuable product turned into a tasty but useless dish.So what alternatives salted eggs is not there.

So, how to pickle pink salmon spawn in the home?

If you wanted to try the red caviar, of course you can go to the nearest store and buy a bottle of the finished product.Now that's not a problem.But the price is fully consistent with the delicacy of its value, and thus cause significant damage to your wallet.In addition, often products that are sold in stores, preservatives are added to prolong shelf life.And if you live in the regions rich red fish, then buy caviar in stores - a blasphemy!Then we read how to pickle pink salmon spawn correctly and begin to work.

There are two methods: wet and dry.

How to pickle eggs pink salmon wet method?

Cooking Brine - concentrated salt solution, which vyalyat fish and salted eggs.How to determine that the correct concentration of brine?It is very simple: if the raw potato pops up, then the salt is enough.It is prepared as follows.The boiled water is added salt and sugar.200 ml of liquid is 40 g salt, and about 10 grams of sugar.Once the brine is cool, you need to obtain a solution to fill the eggs, which we previously released from the film.Ware put in the fridge for a couple of hours.When expire two hours merge water.That's all ready to spawn.In this form it can stay a couple of days.Keep her best in a cool place and in a glass container with a tight-fitting lid.

How to pickle eggs pink salmon dry method?

Dry ambassador.Omit the eggs in a colander into boiling salted water to release it from the film for 20 seconds.Then, using a large sieve sift eggs, separating the egg from the shell, which remains on the hands and on the screen (some as a sieve is used for badminton racket).We shift the eggs from the bowl and knead gently with salt.For each kilogram of caviar will need a couple of tablespoons of salt, preferably coarse.Eggs and salt must be mixed thoroughly with a wooden spoon.Mix well the eggs with salt, spread the entire contents of the bowl into jars and sealed cans sealed lids.In the dry version of eggs capable of storing up to two weeks.To little to extend life and improve the taste of the product is added to each jar a spoonful of vegetable oil.