Bank "The Messenger": problems, customer reviews

JSC "The Messenger" - this is one of the largest credit institutions in Russia at the federal level.The history of the financial institution is small and has its roots in 2010.At that time, a group of companies "The Messenger" signed an agreement with "Promtorgbank" on the formation of a single, large-scale financial institution.Bank "The Messenger", the problem is not worried in the first stages of existence, immediately after the onset of the financial market presented an innovative product - a bank card, "The Messenger", which significantly diversified range of proposals and drew attention to the organization.


«The Messenger" Bank (Moscow) officially started work in 2010, but the structure was inherited from the customer partner in AK "Promtorgbank", which was established in 1992.Organization belonged to the category of medium-sized enterprises that specialize in serving industrial and commercial companies.Experience in partnership with entities was new, but very useful.History of the g

roup of companies "The Messenger" has its roots in 1995.The main specialization of enterprises and to this day remains the same: selling electronics, the implementation of communications and computer equipment.Bank "The Messenger" with branches located throughout the territory of Russia, now offers its customers a wide range of financial services with the launch of credit cards inclusive.The client base of the institute has about 3 thousand corporate clients from different sectors of the economy.The number of retail customers has already reached 1.5 million people.Standard banking services by type of cash payments, loans and deposits are complemented by the services of factoring and acquiring.

«The Messenger" today

Bank "The Messenger", the problems which have appeared relatively recently and have not yet greatly affected the activities of financial institutions, including the top-50 Russian banks.All bank deposits are insured by deposit insurance.The highlight of the company's product line has become a map of "The Messenger", which were successfully combined the opportunities and credit and debit.If the card is locked balance, it will be charged 10% per annum.For every transaction the card owner receives bonus.Credit limit on this type of product is 250 thousand rubles.Bank customers can make use of the latter in one of the many offices.In all even a brief history of the bank, "The Messenger" (St. Petersburg) had no complaints from customers.The level of service has always been on top.Resentment recently, due to the fact that the institution has set limits on cash withdrawals, thus mirrors the actions of their competitors, who are deprived of the license and has already passed the procedure of liquidation.

first harbingers of trouble

According to both the client and the financial market experts, the bank "The Messenger" began to experience problems at a time when it was decided to limit the amount of cash that can be withdrawn from ATMs.In accordance with the new feature, at ATMs of both the Bank and partners are restrictions.Customers can cash in a single day up to 25 thousand rubles.Transfer of funds from bank card by means of P2P-translation is available only for an amount not more than 5 thousand rubles a day.Permission particular restriction on the type of inter-bank transfers in an electronic format, which can not exceed the amount of 50 thousand rubles.The only area that is not restricted to the limits - a payment for the purchase of the services using the capabilities of the service QBank inclusive.

Heard in the media?

widespread information that the bank "The Messenger" department covers the entire country.According to management, this approach to the restructuring of the bank's activity will keep the lion's share of its budget.According to management, these actions will not affect the quality of customer service in the region, as they practically do not visit the office and enjoy alternatives partnerships and transactions.Most of the customers of the financial institutions are inclined to believe that, in connection with such dramatic measures taken by the leadership, in the near future, a financial institution may face reorganization, as is the case with the bank "Trust" or revocation of a license.At the moment, "The Messenger" bank branches whose addresses have fallen significantly in recent years, running in standard mode, as amended, and the management of institutions officially declares that the revocation of the license and the liquidation and can be no question.Information leaked to the media at the end of 2014, of the impending reorganization at the request of management, not only is not confirmed, but officially denied.The only thing the bank needs "The Messenger", liquidity problems which were taken by surprise - it is for the normalization of the investor.The manual says that there is enough promising proposals.

credit card limits - a precaution or something more serious?

«The Messenger" has been an active reduction in credit card limits.If earlier in the 99% contracts provide customers with a loan varied in the range of 10 thousand to 150 thousand, now it is limited to the current size of the debt.The guide explains the reduction limits the changes in the cost of funding.Correct price credit conditions is extremely important due to the current cost of raising capital."Trimming" initially exposed Nonrecycled loans with zero usage.

What people say about lowering the limits customers?

After the bank "The Messenger" (St. Petersburg) became the trim limits, customers have responded to the situation of the numerous amount of negative reviews.Despite the fact that the bank talking about cutting 5% of loans, a wave of indignation has risen very large, since the decision was made unilaterally.Returns whether the bank limits the same, will depend on what will further the economic situation in the country.Quite a number of banks faced problems.They suspended their activities, waiting to change the situation, as a sharp outflow of capital could be decisive in the future of schools.

mass reduction of employees

«The Messenger" bank office locations which have fallen sharply is not limited to the closing of offices.In total, from January to March 2015 the staff of financial institution decreased by 27%.The first in April 2015 the number of bank employees in 1406 corresponds to the art.In January this year, this figure corresponds to 1,921 thousand.In general, the current year the bank "The Messenger" number of specialists has decreased by 36%.Significantly reduce the amount of wages paid.In the first quarter 2015 financial institution employees were credited with 25.2 million rubles.This is about 27% lower than the same period last year.Parallel to the growth seen social payments, which rose to 123.5 million rubles to 4.1 million rubles.Credit Institute since the end of 2014 is experiencing some financial difficulties.Since April 16, the bank by the Central Bank had issued a ban on the admission of new deposits, as of April 1, financial institution left from the norms of capital adequacy in accordance with the standards of the regulator.

Disclaimer bank debt restructuring

Until they started to close offices, the bank "The Messenger" most customers touted from all sides.There are individuals who are actively writing about loyalty and respect for the customers, which is not in other major financial institutions.Emphasis was placed on the integrity of the organization and on a variety of products on a flexible circuit partnership.Since the beginning of the difficulties, in the opinion of customers, relationships have changed significantly.So, one of the clients in connection with the loss of jobs to apply for debt restructuring.According to her, the bank's representatives have not responded to any of the numerous appeals.As a result, a woman says about the constant threat of collectors on the phone and on the pesky calls all his friends.She plans to appeal to the prosecutor's office with a claim on the bank.A similar situation is described by many other people who decided to do the same.

What do investors?

«The Messenger" bank deposits previously accepted with great intensity, now is not working in this direction in connection with the prescription of the Central Bank.Due to this fact, opinions are divided.There are two categories of people.Some are trying to actively take money from the bank, thus causing a strong outflow of funds and worsening the situation.The second group of customers with excellent, they say, the relationship with the financial institution is not going to take any measures.People hope that the "Messenger" bank license which currently still operates successfully survive temporary difficulties in the near future to restore the activity of the regulations.The emphasis is on the fact that even the liquidation of a financial institution funds can be returned through the Deposit Insurance Agency.Experts recommend action to those who deposit amount exceeds 1.4 million rubles, including in dollar terms.

«The Messenger" was in the ranks of troubled institutions

end of 2014 was particularly difficult for each financial institution of the country.Across the territory of the Russian banking crises occurred.In spite of the extensive network of offices, and the scope of work, "The Messenger" was in the ranks of distressed banking institutions.In November 2014 the financial institution tacked on the verge of bankruptcy.Many times since that period is introduced, it removes restrictions on limits on bank cards.Initially, the limits which apply today, was planned to enter only during the Christmas holidays.The panic on the part of customers who keep their savings in a financial institution associated primarily with the fact that since the crisis, closed more than 100 banks.

Bank Prospects for 2015

now talk about "The Messenger" Bank closed or not, is problematic, but the fact of having liquidity problems due to the measures undertaken by the management is obvious.External economic situation suggests that in the short term the situation will not change.Despite the increase in the amount of insurance contribution to 1.4 million rubles, the outflow of funds from the financial institution continues, which could lead to bankruptcy.Recall that the "Messenger" bank deposits stopped taking the prescription for the CBR, which reduced sources of revenue for the budget of the organization.There is information about the presence of the Institute of debt to the tax authorities in the amount of 1.2 billion rubles, while the payment of which payments to creditors would be impossible, since the amount of the debt exceeds 2.5 times.The bank is actively working to stabilize the activity of the institution, which gives hope for the restoration of normal work of "The Messenger".Make predictions so far, can only monitor the situation.