How to cook fries at home.

Potatoes - a wonderful thing, everyone knows the truth.And among the most delicious ways of cooking - frying thin slices in fat or boiling oil, french fries.It is served in restaurants and kitchens of all levels, and only practical fast food just based on it.

However spoil it (French fries), the taste is not difficult, and the surest way in this direction - use the stale oil.The potato has the property of readily absorb odors, so easily takes over the flavors of all that fried in oil before.

achieve pure taste for French fries with confidence it can be if we prepare it at home by yourself and use fresh and pure vegetable oil.

How to cook fries at home.

easiest method is suitable only for those who have a home fryer, a special machine, which can be poured into the oil and fry at a given temperature fries, or anything else "fried."

This, of course, very convenient.Just set time and temperature allow to obtain excellent results, and tightly closed lid protects against splashing oil.But ... deep fry

er that need to be stored somewhere, and it is not cheap.

Those who have decided to do without the fryer fries at home cook in a frying pan or casserole.The result is not worse, it is only important to sustain the recipe exactly and do not neglect the little things.

French fries at home.Recipe detail.

First of all, you need to peel the potatoes.Then each tuber dry with a towel.Do not use towels, made of tissue paper.Chances are good that they are, when wet, will stick to the potatoes and take time and patience to remove lumps.

Then each tuber is cut into strips.It should not be too thin, trying to keep within the range of 0.5-1 cm in thickness.Length will match the size of the tuber.

Now oil.It is poured into the pan or kazanchik.The amount of oil is, of course, depends on the size of the dishes, but it is tentatively consumption must not exceed one third of the bottle.The oil is heated.

in well-heated oil omit the potatoes in small batches.If this cauldron, the oil should completely cover the slices if the pan, then a layer of potatoes should be thin (1-1.5 on the thickness of the potato brusochkov).In the oil pan cover potatoes not completely, so you have to turn it and ensure that it is evenly browned on all sides.

number of potatoes, pledged within the same party in the dishes for cooking, it should be small.Otherwise, reduce the temperature of the potato mixture of oil and meal will be ruined.Party is brought to a golden yellow color, is removed using skimmers and put in a colander to glass excess oil.At this time in the case are the following parties straw.

usually fries at home in large numbers are not ready, so the parties will not be much.In other words, fry it for a long time is not necessary.

Once browned potatoes, oil is strongly heated again.Now all the potatoes are placed in a container of oil and deep fried again, as long as its color is darkened to light brown tone.The finished potato recline in a colander (allowed to drain oil) and serve.Needless to say, good fries, while it is hot.

Spices and fries at home.

French fries require the addition of spices, but the time and manner of their favorites in the dish causes a lot of controversy.There are three main options and a commitment kartofelevedov "his" way akin to political convictions.

Adherents of each method consider it only correct, and not willing to stand up for the cost of defending their point of view.

We briefly describe three ways to leave and are preparing a potato for the right to join the coveted "Party."

  1. Turnkey potatoes sprinkled with salt and serve.

  2. potatoes salt and pepper after tubers drained and cut into strips (that is, until he gets into the oil).

  3. salt and spices are added directly to the oil.

That's all about how you can cook fries at home.