How to sleep?

Increasingly, modern humans have trouble falling asleep.The reason for this can serve as an abundance of emotions and impressions received during the day.How to fall asleep when the thoughts and feelings do not give rest not only during the day but at night?

Here are some tips to help you cope with the problem.

  • Notice a place to sleep.The bed should be comfortable, and the linens clean.Psychologists believe that colors bedroom set and the interior color of the room directly affect the emotional state.Warm colors create a sense of comfort and convenience, allowing you to fall asleep faster.
  • Do not forget to periodically ventilate the bedroom.After all, in a stuffy room to sleep is difficult.In addition, there is a possibility that after sleeping in the room, not filled with fresh air, you can head ache.
  • With an evening stroll, you can speed up the arrival of dreams.Perhaps the best place to promenade - a park.And along the roads and trails to walk is not recommended.
  • How quickly fall asleep?In the
    evening, do not load your stomach with food.For 3 hours before bedtime prepare yourself a light dinner, and that will be enough.If suddenly you have the desire to try something, eat a banana or yogurt drink.But no more.
  • Some believe that with the help of the evening exercise, causing fatigue, you can easily solve the problem: "How to sleep?".But this is not so.Exercises only vzbudorazhat your body, even more provoking insomnia.
  • fall asleep quickly, you can use a warm relaxing bath.Note, however, that the water was not too hot.You can use sea salt or relaxing aromatic additives such as chamomile or lavender oil.
  • an hour before bedtime take a cup of warm tea from herbs (anise, peppermint, chamomile).This drink has a calming and relaxing effect.It is also possible to drink a glass of warm milk, but without the addition of sugar or honey.
  • Some help reading a boring book.Take a volume of the encyclopedia or any novel that you have tried to read many times, and try to open it once more.
  • Before going to bed you do not haunt feelings about failures?Or maybe your thoughts are busy pondering plans for the future?Like sleep, when the head is full of ideas and thoughts?Try to get rid of all thoughts.Try listening to your breathing.It is believed that this is a good way to combat insomnia.
  • Lying in bed, open your eyes and quickly looked from one selected by you, subject to another.At the same time try not to delay a long look at the facilities.After a few minutes you will feel that your eyelids became heavy, thanks to this you will fall asleep.
  • Try to imagine any image or graphic, and then try to remove it, and zoom (in camera).Then you can try rotating the imaginary image.If done correctly, this method is very effective in the fight against insomnia.
  • Scientists have shown that vitamin E affects well-being.Its deficiency causes depression, fatigue and insomnia.Include in your diet foods that contain this ingredient (avocados, nuts and vegetable oils) and regularly take vitamins.
  • Another way to sleep, is as follows: lie down on the bed and relax all the muscles and close your eyes.Without opening the eyelids, rolling up the apple.This position is considered the most naturally during sleep.
  • straining every muscle in your body for 30 seconds and then relax.Repeat this 3 times.This method helps to speed up the process of falling asleep.
  • Calm down and get away from everyday problems can be through meditation.Put out the light in the room, light a candle and look at the fire.Gradually you stop thinking about your concerns and fall into an unusual and pleasant state, when all thoughts disappear though.

Pleasant dreams!