How long does not sleep?

Sleep, of course, our friend, but sometimes did this friendship is inappropriate.It often happens that the rest is a luxury.When this happens?Yes when leans bunch of things at once - education, work, hobbies and so on.Sometimes it is really a lot can be achieved only one who can limit yourself to dream.

morning seems really easy then, as you sit at night and work?What's happening closer to the night?Toward the beginning of the night, we want to sleep, and thought is not about business.Not everyone knows how long sleep?In fact, there are many ways.On them will be discussed below.

As long sleep?

We are all arranged individually.Some sleep well, others a lifetime to suffer from insomnia.How long can I stay awake?It all depends on the characteristics of the organism.In fact, without sleep, we can do a sufficient amount of time, but do not forget that the wake of several consecutive days of no benefit to health.How long a person can not sleep, also depends on the position in which it is located, what

means to suppress sleepiness enjoys what his overall physical condition.

In general, we note that an adult must be a day to eight hours of sleep.If he does not Dospey this time, then the next day he would feel sleepy, and sleep he would have to go earlier than usual.In other words, a long time to sleep in the right night, a good night's sleep in the morning.Not excluded and the option with a quiet hour in the afternoon.

Perhaps the most well-known remedy for sleep is coffee.How long does not sleep?Make yourself a hot, strong and always very sweet drink - the result will exceed all expectations.I would like to emphasize the important role of sugar - just a really sweet coffee to help stay awake all night, and even longer.

But overdo it!The effect, of course, is good, but the heart you put to him very quickly.Also, do not forget the fact that coffee is something of this drug.

As long sleep?You can also advise and strong sweet tea.Many claim that it works even better than coffee.By the way, almost too strong tea does not confuse thoughts.

Some people are trying to stock up on a sleepless night different energy drinks.The main thing that they do not contain alcohol, as this matter you will sooner or later begin sleepy.

We can recommend to eat chocolate.To begin to use it you need even in the early evening.This product will cheer up, will make adequate thought, raise the tone.

Do not overeat!After eating, we immediately begin to fall asleep.The fact is that in those moments when the stomach is full of food, blood tends to him.Power cord at this point is not sufficiently performed.

Do not eat fatty foods.Better snack than anything easy.For example, fruits and vegetables.

In cases where the dream is particularly strong attack, walk around the room, stomping, do exercises, press from the floor, do some sit-ups.The main task - to disperse the blood.

constantly wash in cold water.In those moments when the eyes begin to stick together very strongly, take a cold shower.There is nothing wrong to take it several times a night.

Some people wash their hands up to the elbow - a way strange, but they say that it works.

Make sure that the room does not get stuffy.Always ventilate it.Take a small break in his case.While they do not try to go to bed.Since it is possible that up to you will not want to.

Do not forget that after a sleepless night, you need a good sleep - just so you can freshen up.To sleep for several days in a row is not recommended to anyone - know the measure.