Arab belly dancing - a fascinating art

East - it's an amazing part of the world, although it can be said that this is a separate world.Arab belly dancing have long gone beyond the country and admire the inhabitants of the western lands.No wonder lately so many who want to learn this ancient and fascinating art.

What makes this dance?

Arab belly dancing, many believe simply the art of seduction or the way of entertainment in ancient times.Signs consider it a unique system of healing for women.And they are right, because:

  • Arabic belly dancing train all the muscles of the body, including those that are rarely engaged in life;
  • can achieve the perfect figure, elastic stomach, smooth gait, majestic posture;
  • it can be used to control weight without torturing yourself exhausting workouts;
  • Arabic belly dancing increase libido;
  • like all rhythmic movements to music, bellydance uplifting;
  • training improves flexibility, plastic, allow you to control the breath;
  • helps liberated.

are just a few advantages that gets the girl, decided to enro

ll in the master of oriental dance.


Arabic belly dance - is a spectacular sight and a lot of fun for the artist.There are several varieties of this art.Consider them.

  • Classic .It is a dance based on the basic movements with a small part of the inclusion of folk elements.The performer can only use two accessories - a shawl and Tsymbalov.For this kind of used beylidansa classic suit, consisting of a wide skirt, bodice and belt linkage.

  • People ( or folklore) dance contains many of the elements inherent in a particular area.This can apply to both movements and costumes, and music.
  • Show .This is a show dance, who can combine elements of different styles, support acrobatics.Welcome all kinds of accessories, different costumes.
  • Pop dance may also contain various elements, but the main bellydance movement remain.It can be performed under the Eastern pop music performers.
  • Solo Tabla - dance that is performed to the beat of the drums with the possible inclusion of instrumental music.

course, read about this ancient art is not so interesting than watching his performance!