How to describe their professional quality resume

Drawing resume - an essential step in finding a job, so he should be given special attention.The CV has a section called "Professional skills", but how to describe their professional skills in a resume?There are some rules, following which you will be able to emphasize your strengths and avoid mistakes that alienate potential employer.

consider these rules as a kind of step by step instructions:

  1. Do not confuse the sections "Professional achievements" and "Skills".The first should indicate what you have achieved in the previous works in a similar position, while the second - what qualities have helped in achieving these goals.This kind of advertising your professional services.
  2. We live in a computer age, so do not neglect the key words and phrases.Personnel officers often use automated search system, which is based on key phrases.They can be considered the qualities that should have a candidate for the position.
  3. enumerating the professional quality of the summary should not be sprayed and to list
    all the skills that I have.Concentrate on the main - on the qualities that are needed for that particular job.For example, if you are applying for the position of head of the department, it is necessary to indicate the ability to work in a team, to find effective solutions and perseverance.
  4. As with everything, the resume is important to respect the "rules of the golden mean."Your professional qualities in the summary should not be described as long generalities.But at the same time, one or two words will also be insufficient.Write a few sentences that clearly characterize the professional quality resume.Example: "eight years as chief accountant", "Knowledge of 1C, areas: bank, cash, checking account."Be sure to include a few basic skills.This is necessary in order to meet the formal CV characteristics and meet the requirements of the applicant.
  5. Do not overdo it with clich├ęs.The abundance of word patterns that reflect your personal characteristics, is present in virtually every job, and nothing but cause no irritation.The employer must make an impression of you listed your skills and achievements.

If you make a resume free-form, not the form issued by the company, try to structure the text.Professional quality resume is worth pointing out in summary form, such as a PC (Advanced), French (read and translate with a dictionary).

Please note that the summary should write only truthful information, embellishing a bit of dignity and minimize the weaknesses of professional quality.In summary, it will not cause suspicion and appear to be plausible.It is not necessary to praise himself and, if so, you have indicated some of the qualities that really you are not available, then try to develop them, otherwise experienced personnel officer reveals deception, and will have to resign due to the mismatch position.