What can you write about yourself in a resume

good resume - it's 80 percent success rate.Of course, we should not underestimate the importance of the interview.But it can not happen if the sample resume incorrectly or not fully, competently.To do this, it would seem easy.But it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances.The question of whether it is possible to write about his job, worries many.It is necessary to stop before it in detail, ie the points.


What data need to write about yourself?In any case, you will need to indicate full name, be sure to - date of birth, as well as all addresses (not just a home, but also electronic) and telephones (including mobile).Pay attention to a number of nuances.First, the summary must specify the email address from which you and will send the document.Secondly, it is necessary to specify which of the phones work, and what a home.

What can you write about yourself in the summary regarding education?What is the institution where, when you're finished, what was your assessment (of cours

e, about a passing grade is better not to report) - this information is important.If you have a degree or a title, write about it.It is useful to report about the awards and certificates that you received in the Olympiads, competitions and conferences.Provide information on the training courses you attended, internships, the presence of "red" diploma and so on.

that you can write the summary of the experience?This section should be the most extensive.It should list the projects, which lasted more than one month, if the work was of the nature of the project (for example, if you - the designer, programmer).If your activity is uniform (for example, as a retailer or a manager), it is necessary to select specific types of work (a major customer or supplier).In any case - the more experience you have, the higher the likelihood that you will be invited for an interview.

Many people wonder whether it is worth to specify what level of remuneration is desired.The employer does not know you, so it is difficult to judge what salary you deserve.Specify the minimum numbers better, but only marked as "minimum".Transcendental amount only scare off a potential employer.

And what about the details?What to write about myself in this context?The best option - a minimum of personal information, the maximum - industrial biography.No one is interesting that you have a car, a large family cottage and on the lake.In summary, generally indicate what personal hobbies of the applicant for the position.Dancing and sports perceive much better than hunting or fishing.


Once you clearly understand that it is possible to write about his job, he made and checked, you need to send it by e-mail.This is the preferred option.The file is better described not just rezume.doc, and using his name.As for the program, it is best to recruit resume in Word.Photo before placing in the file is reduced.Backup should not be, not to take the time manager, which he spent on unpacking.What font?The best option - Arial, in addition, use at least 10-point type.

If we talk about literacy, the strong-willed and business qualities of the candidates often have nothing to do with the presence in the summary speech and grammatical errors.Although, of course, they do not improve the quality of the text, and to take it will be much harder.Why do not you ask for help from friends philologists to provide competent resume?

respect to the structure is to say, the managers - the people busy, and your essay on a free topic no one will read.That is why the resume should be clearly structured.You can simply bring it to the table, or a new element to begin a new line.Do not overdo it with an underline, use bold or italics.

So, if you know that you can write about yourself in a resume and how to do it properly, getting a job is not difficult.Of course, if you have successfully overcome the interview stage.