Marketing information system

Marketing Information System (MIS) - This material resources in a complex organizational methods, procedures by which the necessary information is collected accurately and on time, with the right frequency, processed and made available to competent persons organization for making management decisions.By implementing such a system, the organization moves to the world of business practice that is as it should be geared to the market and gives you a competitive advantage.It's kind of job market information, allowing better use of the opportunities and avoid threats.The marketing information system, its use can improve the competence not only managers, but also the company as a whole.

As noted earlier, the primary goal is to provide the necessary marketing information to help you make correct and timely management decisions.It performs the task can be divided into the following types:

- periodic monitoring;

- studies on request.

every normal growing company feels the need for specific information: o

n customers, competitors, empowerment, addressing the current problems.If there is a need for special studies on request, the company can perform them as their own and involving agencies from the side.Selection by artist, in this case, depends on whether or not a marketing information system to make it so, as it would make a professional agency.The ability to determine the presence of expertise and resources of the IIA.

In this case, the elementary research or, on the contrary, the unique best done in-house.On the other hand, standard studies that relate to obtaining of the primary information, better and cheaper to operate specialized agency.

What should be noted is the fact that the marketing information system in the company must be directly subordinate to the head.This is necessary in order to prevent a biased evaluation of the situation, as well as a kind of guarantor of the independence of the results of the research.The shape is determined by the IIA and the size of the tasks allocated to this budget.

Interaction with specialized agencies allows to get the following result:

- research program, developed by experts;

- implementation of relations and the choice of the company to conduct the study itself;

- together with selected by specialists develop methods of market research;

- analyzes;

- make recommendations for decision-making based on research.

In the event that the company is not professional engaged in such activities, it would be reasonable to have permanent partnerships with one or two specialized agencies.In the course of constant communication is achieved understanding of the specific issues.

So, marketing information systems consist of:

- a system based on internal data (this is the reporting enterprise);

- information about the changes occurring in the external environment;

- system of marketing research with the participation of experts;

- analysis of the information received, the decisions taken with a view to be able to improve the results.

Currently, analysis of the results of research carried out by a large number of computer programs.Along with simple enough, there are successfully used a very sophisticated options.