Armor in the "Terraria": features and varieties

Today we'll talk about what might be in the armor "Terraria".Before the game was officially presented, said member had a look and animation effects.


Armor in "Terraria" consists of certain parts.These include security features that reduce the number of damage, which is applied to the character.Most types of armor created on the anvil or on its Orichalcum or Mithril analogues.Other similar elements are manufactured on the bench or are knocked out of the monsters.You should also know that mining helmet can be purchased from a dealer, paying him eight gold coins.Each of the sets of armor gives the character a special bonus in the event of a complete set.Portions of these kits can not increase protection when placing them on the social slots.However, they will be displayed visually on the character.


Hlorofitovaya, holy, Adamantite, Mithril armor and cobalt in the "Terraria" there.As a basis for bonus use the helmet.Most often, this also applies to peers.Meteorite silver armor is simila

r in terms of protection with the full kit.In turn, the gold armor similar to the jungle.Mushroom protective kit increases the damage of different kinds of weapons.


to the zero level is a wooden armor in "Terraria".Package adds one point to the protection and consists of greaves, breastplate and helmet.Each of the elements, except the first, adds one bonus.Level 3 is fully protected.This solution is suitable for beginners.It is easy to make, with a similar set looks wonderful.

further discuss the armor of mahogany.The package with the added bonus of one part of the breastplate, helmet and boots.Each of the elements separately and gives the hero +1 point.As for full protection, here it reaches four.

must now talk about armor, which is used for the manufacture of northern wood.Here, the main indicators are similar to the previous one, but the set includes greaves, breastplate and helmet.

Next in line - armor, as a material that uses palm wood.The main characteristics are identical to the above embodiment.

further discuss ebonite wood, or rather, in your "Terraria" created from this material.Complete with the usual +1 bonus consists of a helmet (1) Chest (2) and shoes (1).Full protection reaches five.The game also has armor, which is used for the manufacture of shadow timber with a similar level of performance.