For details on how to make a recovery, "maynkraft"

Today we discuss how to make a recovery, "maynkraft."It often happens that we got a large number of units that have nowhere to apply.From now on they can be usefully recycled.To do so, learn how to create a special instrument.From it you can get scrap.This element is used as fuels, fertilizers or to receive a surprise.It should be noted that these features are only available in addition Industrial Craft 2. There is also the hero of crusher available.


Before turning to the question of how to make a recovery, "maynkraft", it should be noted that it is a very complex machine.To design it, take a couple of bars of purified iron and three blocks of land and svetopyl and compressor.


Wondering how to make a recovery, "maynkraft" should be aware of its capabilities.For example, consider an extra cobblestones.Load it into recovery.Pre-do cobblestone plate to get more raw materials.We produce processing.We get the rubble.As already mentioned, you can make out of it a fertilizer, but it is not

the best option.

better to make a box of recyclables.You can use it and get some unusual thing.Unfortunately, often as he could speak something marginally useful, such as a stick or land.However, if you show proper persistence, you can get the dust or diamond ore.


deciding the question of how to make a recovery, "maynkraft" You can build a real plant with waste.This decision will significantly speed up workflows.In fact, the plant is a particular installation.For businesses, we need stone columns and pipes.Everything needs to be reworked to be loaded into a special turns the trunk.

begin with the use of wooden pipes.This element takes a few blocks in a second from a connected storage.Further, the material falls to the next step in the diamond tube.The only exception is cobblestone, which is sent to avtoverstak.It is because of him made of stone slabs.Instead avtoverstaka allowed to use a similar design to the laser, but it does not always work correctly.It should be remembered that such production may be some problems if the load is too much rubble.The fact that the rate of collection of storage units above that of avtoverstaka.So we figured out how to make a recovery, "maynkraft."