Details about how to keep the car in GTA 5

Today we look at one of the most important questions about the game GTA 5 is - how to keep a car forever.Theoretically, this should not be a difficulty.In practice, the system saves in the game sometimes gives failure, so you should insure.


as the simplest solution to the question of how to keep the car in GTA 5, you can use the garages, which are located far away from the houses of the main characters.It is important to remember one caveat.As soon as our car would be there, save on your mobile phone.If you do not after re-entering the game, the car will disappear from the garage.Each time the car should be returned to the place, to keep in the property.You can also buy a few extra garage and keep the car in them.At the core list provided by means of solving the problem is exhausted.

modifications and workarounds

solve the question of how to keep the car in GTA 5, as can be with special add-ons, but they should be treated with extreme caution, since such decisions are made by third-party

developers and creators of the game are not approved.Now about the features.It happens that the car disappears from his own garage, this is due to an error in some editions of the game.This problem can be solved by the purchase of a hangar and storage transport on its territory.Another place where the cars will almost certainly not be wasted - the penalty area.After they have to buy, but sometimes it is justified.


most often on the issue of how to keep the car in GTA 5, helps the garage, so it should talk about separately.To obtain such a structure for free, you have to register in a special service games.Each garage has a definite limit to the number of enclosing cars.In the case of exceeding the framework of extra cars disappear.Most often installed in the garage system does not allow to place there more than four vehicles.If you count an average of one character accounts for about 6 parking spaces.If the game is not observed failures, the car must be maintained along with its tuning.By the way, the developers have provided the opportunity to exchange vehicles between the main characters.To do this, just at a certain time to switch between characters.So we figured out how to keep the car in GTA 5. Start the game can be on the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.