How to make the Russian language in the "incentive": Russification program

Today we learn you how to make the Russian language in the "incentive".Here there are several meanings that have to parse.It will depend on the algorithm of our actions.It is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance.

program interface

Well, the first scenario - this is when we will change the interface of the program directly.How to make the Russian language in the "incentive"?

For example, you can always resort to change the settings.There you will find us the necessary interface language, and not only Russian.Once you save the changes and restart the application, all manipulations will take effect.But how to get to the promised menu?

To answer how to make the Russian language in the "incentive" (or any other language), just go to the client program, and then click on the first (leftmost) inscription on the main toolbar.It is labeled simply - "Steam".Then you'll get a list of activities and functions.There would have to find "options" or simply select the 6 th place.

Now, if you want to witness the "Steam" in Russian, just select "Interface", and then in the top parameter we need to put the data.In our case it is necessary to find the "Russian" and save the changes."Steam" restart.That's all the problems are solved.Only it's not all that may relate to our current issue.Let's find out what else can be the way to solve the problem.

To play

Well, there is another approach.If you are thinking how to make the Russian language in the "incentive" directly in the game, and have to work with the game settings.Let us understand how Makar you can implement this idea.

First, it is worth noting that not all games "Steam" Russification support.Thus, these products will have to leave in English or any other language.But if there is support for Russian localization, then you can try to play a little with the options.

Start the game, then go to Settings.There you must find the option "Language".It expose "Russian" and save the changes.As a rule, then all the problems will go away.Sometimes you have to restart.That's all the problems.Now you know how to make the Russian language in the "incentive".


But what if you need to translate the website of the program?Of course, there is the approach.It's enough to set a good browser.In all these applications, there is a new automatic translation.

It appears as a separate line in the top of the browser to the question of whether you want to translate the site, as well as with the selection of possible languages.Enough to put the "Russian", and then accept the request.That's all.Page translated.Only the language here is not really correct.Some proposals may seem strange to you.That's all.