How to convert square meters in the pursuit?

Of course, each of us went to school, good or bad - is another question.And, of course, still at school we are all familiar with the different values ​​of the measurement of anything.Liter, kilogram, second, the meter, and so on.But sometimes there are such units, which on the one hand, it seems clear, but on the other hand, it is difficult to explain what they measure.

Such, for example, refers meter.Agree - heard this phrase almost every, but to explain the difference between the meter by square meter, can not all.What is this mysterious unit and "how to treat it?"


Before figuring out the difference between the meter by square meter, let us remember what the actual meaning "meter" and where did this notion.

Of course curriculum will be recalled that the meter is the length of the route which passes the sunlight in a vacuum in 1 / 299,792,458 of a second.

In Europe, the XV-XVI centuries did not exist any standard, conventional measures of length, in every region took to the treatment o

f their own.This created a lot of inconvenience, so already in the XVII century began to reflect on the need for the new accepted standard for all.And the length of the new measure should not be based on the desire of the ruling person, and of course, a natural phenomenon that does not depend on any one's will.

One of these ideas was to appoint a "meter" the length of the pendulum, make one "vibrations" in one second.However, through research, it was found that the second half-period oscillations of a pendulum varies depending on the location of measurement.That's been proven that as we approach the equator the force of gravity is reduced.I had to find other ways.

little later there was an idea to tie a length measurement to earth meridian, as was done, for example, with a mile.Thus, in 1791, the meter was defined as one of forty of the Paris meridian, or one ten-millionth of the distance from the equator to the North Pole, measured at the longitude of Paris.However, this definition is far from final.Later changes its definition of the meter several times - in 1799, 1899, 1927.1960, respectively.The latter definition was made in 1983 - it is consistent with what we know from the curriculum.

running meter

to figure out how to convert square meters in pursuit, first we need to find out what it is all about.

Oddly enough, but the "meter" can not speak because no other meters apart from the chase, do not exist.The correct definition is: "Pursuit Product Length - 1 meter."Thus, the 1 meter - a measure dynes any product regardless of its other characteristics - width, height, density, mass, and so on.Simply put, the meter - it is the same meter to which we are accustomed, and which can be calculated by simple measurement, using, for example, tape measures or long range.

What can "twist on a roll»

Before figure out how to convert square meters to chase, to clarify once again that it is the most common meter, equal to 100 centimeters.Most often, this term is used in the trade, when you need to measure out a certain amount of web material, the width of which is already incorporated in the price of goods.Per meter, for example, sell linoleum, wire, power cable wire, different fabrics.To find out how many linear meters per square meter, it is necessary to make some simple calculations - just multiply the length by the width.

For example, if the width of the fabric is 2 meters 20 centimeters, one meter of it would look like a piece of 1 m in length and width - 2.20.A cut area that is equal to 2.2 m2.

now give an example of a reverse calculation.How to convert square meters to the chase, if you know the area of ​​anything and its width?For example, a piece of carpet area is 15.6 m2, and its width - 3 m. If we perform the inverse mathematical calculations, you know that the length of the cut will be equal to:

15,6 m2: 3 m = 5.2 m,5 m or 20 cm.

It's pretty simple, but it is worth remembering that calculate how many linear meters per square meter, without knowing the width of the product, it is simply impossible.

How to measure what can not be minimized?

Sometimes, however, in running meters for the convenience of calculation is measured by something that can not be rolled material.For example, sets of furniture and kitchen walls.How to be?

In this case, the translation in square meters of you do not need just because it's impossible to do.In this case, the manufacturer calls a kind of conditional price, which already included labor costs, the cost of materials and parts, electricity and so on.It does not matter how many shelves will be in your new locker, the price is called only for the length.

Pitfalls such measurements

However, with this method of calculation can be greatly mistaken.Often customers tempted by the low price, called for the meter, are unpleasantly surprised when the manager of a furniture salon will hold the final calculations.

The fact is that in this case was originally called too approximate value, calculated from the application of the standard modification of furniture and cheap materials.This amount includes the cost of never glasses, countertops, built-in lights, and even the usual accessories.All of these options are selected individually according to the wishes of the client and significantly increase the final amount.

Thus, the meter in the furniture industry is used only to determine the lowest (start) the cost of production, and the customer only gives you the opportunity to focus on the overall pricing policy of the company.

Conclusion Now you know exactly how to translate the square meters in the pursuit and back.Such knowledge will be useful to you, especially in those cases when it is necessary to buy anything "on the footage."Try to time the purchase to make all the necessary calculations, and even double-check them several times.It is very frustrating when you find that you overpaid for more material than is needed, or even worse - bought less than the required.Remember, according to the law "On protection of consumers' goods, release" on the footage, "returned or exchanged can not be.