Job "sticker board": the pitfalls of easy post

the Internet, newspapers and magazines can often find employment announcement: "Work for students: sticker ads.Schedule free. "At first glance, the work seems simple and attractive.Strolling in the district itself, hangs ads.But ... Few people know that these workers often remain unpaid.Because I do not know that even in such a simple post has instructions.Not all employers are reporting their students.And for neglect of duty then fine.Or, if the employer does not deceive, for posting leaflets in the wrong places can be punished by police.To work "sticker board" has brought at least a small income to employment should be approached very seriously.

Job Description

Find social research interviewing job ads easily.It is more difficult to get right on it.Even a temporary worker, employers should refer to the instructions defining the main points of his work.The applicant should know: to recruit social research interviewing is only entitled to the head of department or unit.He obeys the same sticker.Reco

mmendations other subordinate leaders it should be performed only in the event that they do not contradict the instructions direct supervisor.Job "sticker board" means knowledge required:

  • locations of the billboards, the routes between them.
  • Rules of sticking ads.
  • payment conditions of their labor.
  • own rights and responsibilities.

If the last tenants somehow introduce job seekers about the rules of sticking say rarely.And they exist.

Terms of sticking ads

  • One of the articles of the Administrative Code expressly states: for posting in the wrong places assumed a fine of up to 2,500 rubles, which may be increased by local law.The same is said and the Law "On Advertising".This means that the work is "sticker board" requires accurate knowledge of the places where it is not forbidden to post flyers.
  • Some cities have their own laws on advertising, which does not stop to read before proceeding.Job "sticker board" is not as simple as it seems at first.

There is another subtlety.If folks have just in the right place, no response to them will not be.Therefore, experienced sticker is recommended to place them on the walls, access doors, pillars, windows.But ... This is, firstly, contrary to the Law.Secondly, such a social research interviewing can just beat the locals.Conclusion: The work "sticker board" requires intelligence and skill to make quick decisions.This is necessary, because the typical instructions very clearly said that it sticker is personally responsible for:

  • violation of the provisions that define the functioning of the enterprise;
  • improper performance of their duties (such as violation of the law);
  • material damage (in particular, it can cause paint the wall at his own expense, for which he nalepil announcement).

Job "sticker board" brings a penny.Before her, it should think twice whether to do it.