Caring for jewelry: you clean silver chain

Silver is no less popular jewelry metal than gold.It is a cheaper and therefore more democratic.On the other hand, as the setting for gemstones, silver is preferred for people involved in the occult, esoteric research practitioners.Yes, and in itself delicate chains, fancy earrings and bracelets, strict, tastefully decorated with rings are wonderful decorations.One problem: silver blackens quickly, get dirty.That's what we'll talk.

How can we clean the silver things

than pure silver chain - this question has puzzled many happy owners of jewelry.There are many ways to get things back luster and an attractive appearance.

Special polishes - they are sold in departments of household chemicals.Strictly follow the instructions, you can successfully clean the units from dirt and darkening.At the same time, they are rather aggressive and can cause allergic reactions in humans, even when working with them in rubber gloves.However, there are many others, "home" means to remove the question of how to clea

n silver chain, easily and efficiently.

¬ęGOI paste" it - pieces of chromium oxide abrasive.She should rub jewelry, then passed through a clean cloth.Silver shines like new.

rough canvas and white cloth will remove any fine, too, darkening with things.So if you are thinking than pure silver chain - received simple.First, carefully wipe it with a white cloth, and then place the shiny, polished gingham.Do this regularly, once a week, so that the dirt does not have time to accumulate.Then take care of the decoration will be easy.

Another very popular way of how and what to clean silver chain - tooth powder and toothpaste (not gel).Enter the old brush with a soft bristle tool and carefully treat him contaminated surface.Then, wash and wipe dry.The process is very efficient, well removes dark plaque returns Jewelry Beauty and brilliance.

In the old days, asking than pure silver chain, you would get a short answer: "urine".This is not surprising.Its chemical composition is such that if you put the container with her for a while soiled silverware, everything really dissolved, purified.You just need to clean up the chain and admire the result.

Useful tips on how to properly clean the silver chain, we find more questioning mothers and grandmothers.There is an old fashioned way, with success and used for coins, and silverware.It consists of the following.The bowl should be placed on a sheet of foil chocolate, pour boiling water to dissolve a spoonful of salt and baking soda, and put a chain of strictly foil.After half an hour you take out the jewelry, rinse, wipe and admire its pristine beauty.There is another option of how to clean silver chain: a glass pour equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide and alcohol, stir, lower the chain, soak 20 minutes, then wipe with a rough cloth, first - it will remove otmokshuyu dirt, and then wipe dry.

As you can see, if you want any dirt can be managed so that from it will be over!