Cupid - the river.

Eurasia rich in fine streams of water, which fascinate every person.One of them is formed by combining the Shilka and Argun.Mode Amur River (as the name sounds) is unique.Waters flowing along the scenic Russia, capturing the border with China Federation.The length is 2824 km.The mouth is the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, namely - the Tatar Strait.According to ancient legend, the flow is called "Black Dragon", who defeated evil.Amur River basin covers just three such countries as Russia, China and Mongolia.


watercourse located between different geographical zones: forest, steppe, semi-desert and steppe.In some parts of the river rainfall reaches 750 milliliters.

Water stream flows in two Russian regions: the Siberian and Far East.In addition, the Amur - river, characteristic of which is very entertaining, is divided into three districts with the help of the Russian sailing:

  • From source to Blagoveshchensk - the upper flow.
  • from Blagoveshchensk to Khabarovsk - the average flow.
  • from Khabarovsk to the mouth - the bottom stream.


River Basin occupies more than 1 thousand. Km2, making it the fourth in the ranking of the Russian Federation and the ninth worldwide.

flow velocity at the upper portion of the water flow is 5 km / h, on the lower - 4 km / h on average - 5 km / h.

The hydrological regime of the watercourse is characterized by the fact that often there are strong fluctuations in the water level in the river.This pattern is due to the regular monsoon rains.

tend to be relatively low water water rises to 8, and sometimes up to 15 meters.During heavy rainfall the Amur River (its characteristics include a detailed description of Hydrology) spreads almost 30 kilometers.Flood able to last about 100 days.At the moment, thanks to the hydroelectric complex spills and changes in the water level low, but the risk of severe flooding persists.


Amur River is divided into three zones.The lower part extends to a distance of 950 km.Here, the water flow crosses the Lower Amur Lowland, several small lakes and oxbows.With his mouth water flow drained because the Amur estuary.After connecting to the Ussuri, Amur large influx, flow becomes affluent.

middle area of ​​the plot is 1000 km.Here, the river valley is especially wide, the coast is often marshy.Merging with the Small Khingan, the river narrows and the flow velocity increases.

Upper Amur area more severe than others.The river here becomes mountainous character, its length is 900 km and rises to within 7 m / s.Crossing Nyukzha and Big Hingar, water stream flows through the mountains, rocks and other equally scenic spots.Closer to settlements, he calms down and slowing down.

These three sections completely unlike each other, but they all belong to this stream as Cupid.The river, the characteristic that shows how it is capricious, dangerous and beautiful at the same time.

Pool - Sea of ​​Okhotsk

Amur enters the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.This, in turn, refers to the Pacific Ocean, which separated due to the Kuril Islands, Kamchatka and the small island of Hokkaido.That is, from this it becomes clear that the sea washes the Russian Federation and Japan.Its total area is 1,600 thousand. Km2.The depth in some areas reaches 1700 m, and there are areas where it comes to a peak in the 4 th. Meters.In the western part there are flat areas.In the center there are small depressions.East rich basins.

Amur River - the river, the nature of which is closely linked to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk.It is because of him immigrate fish flowing dirty water and more.Here, a hydrocarbon.Coast is a rugged kind of everywhere.Large amount of time the northern part of the sea is covered with ice, usually from October to May or June.The southern part is not subjected to glaciation.To the east is the largest bay.Below you can find the small tributaries.In some parts of the coast is cut as that often formed lip of the bay, a small beach.In addition to the Amur here fall hunting and Kukhtui.In the Sea of ​​Okhotsk is several ports.

hundred and thirty species of marine mammals inhabit the water stream called Cupid.The River (characteristic of its flora and fauna is amazing) rich in commercial fish.Here there are cupids, carp, Kaluga, Verkhoglyad and others.The length of the sturgeon can reach up to 5 meters.In addition, the representative of the form can be found Sakhalin and Amur sturgeon.Salmon - is also not uncommon.Perch, zheltoscheki, snakehead, orca-stripun - the inhabitants of the river bottom.