Etiquette at a school for students.

Modern etiquette - it is a set of rules of conduct and good manners, which teaches how to meet, greet, how to behave in public, how to go to visit, how to set the table and behave during meals and sohereinafter.Rules of etiquette at school begin to vaccinate childhood.

General rules of conduct at school for pupils

1. The need to arrive early to school, about 15 minutes before the lesson.

2. Appearance should be appropriate institution, the clothes should be clean and tidy.

3. At a student with a must always be indoor shoes, which, like the robe, you need to shoot in the school locker room.

4. Before the beginning of the lesson the student must prepare everything for the upcoming lesson, check the diary, pens, notebooks, textbooks, and so on.

5. It is strictly forbidden to carry on the school grounds any kind of weapons, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and toxic substances, and the like.

6. You can not without permission to leave school during lessons and peremenok.Absences for legitimate reasons t

o be confirmed by the certificate from the doctor (in case of illness), or an explanatory note from their parents.

7. Guidelines student at the school based on the principles of respect for the older age and a caring attitude towards students with lower grades.

8. Students should be cherished and preserved in its original form school property, including furniture, books and so on.

student behavior during class

students directly to the classroom should also follow certain rules of polite behavior in school.As soon as the teacher walks into the room, greeted the disciples standing teacher or another adult in the Novice class.During the lesson, you need to behave decently, be quiet, do not scream, do not engage in foreign affairs, especially without permission not to leave their workplace and do not walk around the class.In case of need still to get out of class, you must first ask permission from the teacher.Rules of behavior of children in school is absolutely the same for everybody.If you need of anything to ask the teacher, you should first raise his hand, but not shouting from their seats.

Such simple rules

student should try to express their thoughts to answer precisely, clearly and understandably, using all the necessary visual aids.On a day when the timetable is such a thing as a physical education and health, with a need to have a sportswear and footwear.I go to the gym can only be with the permission of the teacher.Students who, for various reasons, are exempt from physical education, should still be in the gym.It is believed that the bell rings at the end of the lesson for the teacher and the students leave the class after the announcement of the completion of teacher training.


etiquette rules of etiquette school shall maintain a neat appearance, it concerns the clothes, hairstyles, judicious use of cosmetics and accessories.Etiquette School students implies a benevolent attitude towards each other.The friendly welcome and greet the students with all teachers, not just those with whom you know personally.Each other should be called by name, do not use offensive nicknames.

Guidelines student in the school is meant as self-discipline.Littering on campus (and not only) is forbidden, for this there are boxes.Culture should be conducted not only in the classroom but also on the changes.Run screaming and shoving is prohibited, should be careful to behave on the stairs.Civilized should behave as children in the dining room, eat only in the designated place, and after the meal, clean up their dishes.

Etiquette in elementary school

etiquette lessons in elementary school must be included in the plan of educational work with students.It is important to vaccinate childhood child the basics of correct behavior in a given situation.An integral component of behavior should be mutual.Starting from the first grade, children are taught to be thankful, introduced with the words "thank you" and "please".Etiquette requires respect for elders, are accessed should be sure to "you."

There is also the so-called telephone etiquette.If a child calls his teacher or class teacher, the first thing to say hello and to give his name.In public places, where there is usually a lot of people, is talking on the phone, without attracting much attention, and in places such as museum, theater or cinema, a mobile phone is generally better to disable.

Useful tips

  • students to feel comfortable in class, be sure to perform a predetermined home job.
  • school diary is better to have filled in two weeks in advance, you need to gently guide him and keep on the desk during lessons.
  • bag or school bag should be collected in advance, be sure to check textbooks, notebooks, pens and pencils and other necessary things.
  • handset in the classroom should be turned off or placed on silent mode.Call or send sms and you can change.
  • behave decently is necessary not only in the classroom but also on the street, at home and in public places.It's not just the rules of conduct in the student's school that must be followed, it should be an integral part of the personality of modern educated person.
  • leave school without the knowledge and permission of the teacher or nurse strictly prohibited.
  • always have to be a neat, purity must be maintained in all of its appearance in the workplace.
  • the responsibility of the student enters duty in class in turn.To carry out this duty is in good faith.
  • At the time of change of the class is better to go out and give the teacher the opportunity to ventilate the room.This, incidentally, is a very good way to go and warm up

etiquette lessons at school and in life

etiquette at school - it's not just a set of rules that must be followed in the school walls.The first is the formation and development of cultural communication skills, it is the lessons of courtesy, care and kindness.These qualities are essential for the development of a full-fledged harmonious personality in the future.

rules of etiquette at school include the right attitude to different groups of people.Everyone knows that the ladies should pass first, and women in the state, as well as the elderly and disabled should give way to public transport.Etiquette at school and outside of it should also comply with and adults, because it is for them in the first place are equal children.

to study brought useful knowledge and the joy of fellowship, you must follow certain rules of etiquette at the school, which will make your stay comfortable in educational institutions of all participants of the educational process.