How to write a fable?

Sometimes a person come to mind a variety of thoughts and strange questions, such as how to write a fable.For all lovers of strange questions we will try to give some direction to solve this problem.Naturally, the more likely people were asked this question hardly claim the laurels of La Fontaine and Krylov, and yet sometimes a person wants exotic, or has school children.A school, as is known, there are any tasks.

moral fable

Before aiming to think about how to compose a fable, it is necessary to understand what kind of morality you want it, "mount".Simply put, what should teach this creation.

If we honor interview different writers, that they are almost in one voice say: "The idea - the head of everything."In this case the amount is not important work of art, as long as it was not meaningless.

Usually, if a person asks himself how to compose a fable with morals, he has a clear goal, why it this fable.For example, a parent wants to compose something to show your child how well contain my room

clean.Appropriately author builds the plot plan.

Since our task - to show a specific example of the works of the fable, we use the moral of the fable "The Fox and the Grapes" and come up with new actors, or rather, even the face.


next step in solving the problem of "how to write a fable" - the choice of character.Usually it is the animals that are very similar to humans.But it is important to keep some realism.Animals have to be really similar to humans in their habits or those representations that are traditionally accepted in society.For example, the ant in the fable can not be lazy, and the dragonfly can not be a workaholic.For it is contrary not only to certain images of animals, but also a cultural tradition.And yes, this is particularly important when it comes to how to write a fable with morals.

In other words, maybe the fable, of course, fiction, but it all has to be realistic and is built on the basis of at least a worldly sense.

Dog and showcase, or Fox and Grapes in a new way

Imagine wet hungry stray dog ​​walks the streets, he was malnourished and nedopivaet.And then it occurs to showcase butcher shop, there ham, chicken, meat for every taste and wealth.But the trouble: the dogs can not be in the shop.Our dog this way and that courting a showcase, but no.Glass does not allow him to break through to the desired object.And then he says to himself: "Perhaps peddling moldy stuff" - and walks away to dig into a nearby trash can.

That happened essay we wrote it as an answer to the question of how to compose a fable.We can not say what we have as the classics, but also seems to be quite bearable.

Now let's talk about what to do if you fancy fountain has dried up.

How to find the story and the moral of the fable of the new?

Again, depending on what the author wants to receive from the fable.Generally, it is possible to use as material destiny and character of his inner circle, but only so that the prototypes did not occur.

way, which is why the main actors in the fables are usually animals.They represent some of the collective image of all the people, and if everyone means anyone specifically.They laugh at them, because no one thinks of himself and everyone looks at the neighbor.Gogochut of our smaller brethren.And all because the fabulist thinking about the plot of another fable, wondering about what would compose a fable about animals?But if animals are composed, then we, the people, few would have thought.

If the head is still does not go, and you creatively barren, try to imagine others in the guise of animals.Your wife, boss, colleagues, friends.In this case, life itself helpfully tell the story.

Child and fable

However, if you decided to do the work of a child, then it all much easier.Children are imaginative thought years, perhaps up to 15, then when it is time to begin a stormy puberty, a person loses the thread linking childhood and thinking becomes "adult".

For Christ commanded without reason: "Be like children."And it's not only that newcomers to the world of sinless and very close to God, and that the children have not blinkered thinking, they are very close to life, to its original source, so the writing is given to them very easily.For them to write - how to breathe.It is also significant that the child closer to the fantasy world than the real world.Children could subscribe to words H. Hesse: "The reality is - it's rubbish," - that's only when people grow up, they take this garbage seriously and forget about the important things.

So, if you offer the student, such as grade 5 to create a fable, he will do it with ease.However, only in the event that the parents will supervise the process.They need to ask ourselves about how to compose a fable.Grade 5, for example, can be chosen as a target, so he should accept it graciously.If you are lucky and you have a smart fifth-grader at home, have the writing fables to his mercy, only direct violent fantasies of his child into the mainstream of cultural norms and common sense.

We hope that the article will write at least one decent fable.