Trend winter manicure

Manicure - is an important part of the image.Beautiful and well-groomed nails attract attention.No wonder they say that the hands give the woman's age.As in fashion, here, too, has its own trends, which depend on the time of year.Original, colorful design can be realized, and in the winter manicure.After all, this season is full of events, and thus allows you to create unique and beautiful winter manicure.

New version

main and favorite holiday cold season - of course, New Year.Therefore, winter manicure on this subject more than ever relevant.The main colors of Christmas are considered green, red, white, gold and silver.These shades look best in a festive winter design.

option of using these colors weight.You can paint your nails a shade or use different combinations.For example, a classic win-win combination and is considered to be a combination of shades of red and gold or green and silver.

Besides monochrome or two-color combinations, beautiful Christmas design can be created using the them

atic drawings.Snowman, Christmas tree, snowflakes and other holiday attributes easily portrayed on the nails.This requires special varnishes with thin brushes.And that picture look nice, be allowed to use special stencils.Thanks to them, every woman will be able to decorate their nails unusual design.

Lunar and French manicure

Classic Christmas colors can be combined, creating a fashionable this season moon manicure.This current trend that is brushing the nail holes in another color different from the color of its entire surface.This winter manicure on short nails looks particularly good.

Nail average length of a good option would be a classic French manicure.You can also combine the best New Year's color.But fashion does not stand still, and now increasingly on the nails fashionistas can see the unusual made french manicure.For example, instead of the standard "Smile" nail paint master angle.

Romance Valentine's day

Another popular holiday cold season - Valentine's Day.This is a wonderful occasion for the creation of contemporary romantic design.In this embodiment, it is best to use white, red, pink, or other subtle shades, as well as decorations - hearts.

to create a passionate way of permitted use, and black.In particular, he looks good in combination with red and golden hues.

in dark colors

dark shades of nail polish have already become classics, but they are now more relevant than ever.This winter manicure on short nails will look more harmonious than on long.Among the major trend colors can distinguish the black, navy, burgundy.But Marsala is especially important shade, which is likely to become the color of the year.

It is worth remembering that these shades draw attention to nails.This means that the nails have to be in perfect condition and natural forms.


Such a phenomenon fashionable clothing as kolorbloking became topical in nail design.Fashion bloggers especially loved it, and so often decorated nails.Winter manicure in the style implies a combination of dissimilar, contrasting shades of nail polish on different nails.For example, you can combine different shades of red and black, while stressing the nail on the ring and index fingers.Despite the fact that this procedure may seem strange, it has long and actively use fashion bloggers.It is also allowed to use the classic winter shades of blue or white flowers.

in the art

Ombre Ombre - this is quite a new phenomenon in fashion, first it was extensively used in the technique of hair color, then dress, and it is now urgent and design of nails.This technique implies a smooth transition from light to darker shades of the same color.As winter manicure it is best to look red and maroon and blue lacquer.One variety is Ombre gradient.The so-called manicure smooth transition from one hue to another on different nails.

Among other trends in the winter it is worth noting nail design metallic.It implies a nail in gold or silver.To create this effect the ordinary nail polish may not be enough.To achieve this brilliant result, it is best to use a foil.

For several consecutive seasons of fashion naturalness, which is touched and manicure.Therefore nyudovyh shades of nail polish should not be avoided, because they will be relevant in every situation.Choosing fashionable winter manicure, you need to also take into account the whole image as a whole.But not necessarily the color of clothing must be the same shade of polish.Now it no longer has any value.Manicure - is a separate article of clothing, it can be used as a bright accent in the onion.