How to forget him and that guy to write to his hurt

Each of us at least once in a lifetime throwing guy.You can hardly ever forget the feeling of pain and resentment, which fills the soul.But in this life does not end.

The main thing that needs to be done after breaking up - not to try to return the ex-boyfriend, not to look for him meetings, do not call him, do not ask him to stay, not to intimidate, but just do them.Try to adequately pass this stage in your life.Believe me, that is not done - is done only for the better.Due to this break, you can seriously engage themselves - their appearance, figure, self-education, to let into your life new and interesting people.Well, if you want to send a farewell to his former letter, but do not know what to write the guy to hurt him, I'll help you.

But above all, still try to pull myself together and begin to enjoy life.If possible, do whatever gives you positive emotions.Engage in fitness, gym, bought new things, make a beautiful hairstyle, pedicure and manicure.In no case do not abuse alcohol, and do

not fall into the arms of the first comer.Do not turn in on themselves and go to the people.Meet with other girls and boys.The more you communicate and work on yourself, the sooner forget her ex.

But if your mind is constantly carried by a same thought: "I want to return the guy!", Try to write him a letter of farewell.Of course, there is no guarantee that it will even read it, but if you really want it, it's worth a try.So, let's begin.

What guy write to him struck a chord?

1. In no case do not need to write that he is an idiot, a goat and not worth your little finger.

2. In the letter you should just thank my ex-boyfriend for having carried with him a wonderful few months (years).

3. It is necessary to mention the mistakes that you made, when they met with him

4. Complete the necessary farewell letter words that you really need to leave.

Sample farewell letter

You did the right thing ripped a relationship with me.I do not really take care of you as you deserve, I was not a good lover and did not even try to understand you.I want to thank you for the happy years (months) that we spent together.I understand that you had a hard time with me, I do not love, you might as well treat me.Let there be no more talk and meet.Katya

you can improvise.If you have not yet decided what to write the guy to his hit home, do not write anything at all.Remember that if this guy really was your partner, he would have been with you together, no matter what.

I hope that by reading this article, you made the right conclusions for themselves, and to the question of what to write the guy to hurt him, said firmly: "Nothing!".Why spend time and energy on the person you were just convenient in a certain period of time.Be assured that your significant other will meet on your way a long life.Good luck to you and only mutual love!