Kasko insurance, what is it?

Nowadays, buying a car in the showroom, you can hear a proposal to issue Casco.What it is?Under Avtokasko understood vehicle insurance against the risk "Theft" and "theft."

rates on insurance products installed individually.When a contract is important to read the rules of insurance, it helps to understand which cases are insurance.In order to select the optimal conditions of insurance, you should contact a counselor at Casco.What is it, what does it do and how to behave in the insurance case, the manager is required to explain.

What factors affect the final cost of the contract?

price of the policy Casco depends on the type of vehicle, year of production, the availability of protective equipment and the number of drivers who will drive the car.Age and driving experience of each driver significantly affect the policy Casco.Insurance premium depends on the version of the TS storage during the night, raising factors are applied, if the car will be stored near the house in the parking lot or in t

he garage cooperative.Also, the cost of the contract depends on the choice of insurance compensation when the insured event: the repair station or payment in cash (for the calculation).Lower cost is possible due to the franchise.

Casco car loan

Often, buying a new vehicle in the showroom, people are forced to enter into a contract Hull.Not calculating financial opportunities, many are wondering, "Is it possible to include in the cost of Casco credit?".Of course, yes, but this option is not very convenient.For the year will be a substantial overpayment.In this case it is better to consider the installment premium payment divided into three or four installments.

Casco - what it is and what you need to know?

It must be remembered that the policy is valid only on the territory of the Russian Federation, unless otherwise stipulated in the contract.Insured under the contract may be any person concerned on the basis of power of attorney.Vehicle insurance accepted both domestic and foreign production, without significant damage.Vehicle Age must not be more than 6-10 years, depending on the type of vehicle.However, there are limitations.Insurance companies take the vehicle over the age of 10 years, subject to registration of the vehicle loan or lease.Unfortunately, the car, which is involved in the competition, can not be insured under the program.

program "50/50 Casco"

What is it, how beneficial this program and who can enter into a contract on favorable terms?In fact, to take advantage of this program can not do everything.Firstly, there are age limits.Secondly, the option of payment of insurance indemnity excludes the possibility to receive funds for the calculation.About the other pitfalls of the policy "50/50" can be found in the insurance company.All the nuances you obviously do not tell, they can be found by careful study of the rules of insurance.