John Fowles - readers' interpretations collector

usual inside-out, to come to any question from the depths of consciousness - so works postmodernism, which acts as an exemplary representative of John Fowles."The Collector" (a summary of which is not able to convey the depth of the work) - is antinovel, went down in history.

Compressed excursion into the madness of love

Winning the lottery breaks life, and not just one.Clerk City Hall Fredrick Clegg quietly collects butterflies, but one of them is not available - Miranda Grey, attractive and well-educated student.Obsessed with her, the hero is going to complete your collection of dreams that between zavyazhetsya love.Although there might be a place of romance, the reality is quite different.

novel about unrequited love, insanity, kidnapping - all brought together in one work by John Fowles."The Collector" is saturated with postmodernism.And only he is able to demonstrate the objective reality with the help of the nature of subjective reality.

Two sides of the coin: love and hate

John Fowles - collector of duality.In his novel, he faced two worlds, two perceptions, and thus did the heroes hostage reality.Miranda kidnapped and removed from the world, and Clegg been living in their own space illusions.Using this duality, Fowles manipulates the reader's opinion by offering two views of a situation.Narrative techniques leads to a clash of viewpoints not only in terms of motives and objectives are seen as the determining factors of the plot, but in an appeal to the moral principles of the reader.

"Social contradictions and moral confrontation" - a topic for a first novel by John Fowles chose."The Collector" opens the beginning of the experiment with the material.To show the different rules, which are used to the heroes, the author has created individual style of narration for each of them.Miranda tells the reader "voice" of his diary, saturated images of artistic and intellectual statements.Clegg comes to trapping Miranda like to solve math problems.He finds nothing wrong with their actions and justify itself.The reader is easily drawn into the game of the author and empathizes with the kidnapper on a par with his victim, deciding the emotional dilemma of imprisonment.

Simultaneously, the author advocates a psychiatrist, to observe the behavior of their own creations.Somewhere at the bottom of the basement Clegg trying to create a Garden of Eden, remote from the madding crowd.He reaches for Miranda, like the anime, since early childhood was deprived of love.Hero seeking the care that is not received from the mother.He lacks a strong identity that would help define the roles of the people encountered in life.Clegg had never felt loved.All important relationship in his life ended in tragedy, because he is simply unable to love her and to tell her that.

Tale of the fragile butterfly - the basis of the imagery of the novel

opportunity to hear two sides of the story and make a conclusion based on the experience that has been lived with the characters - a goal that put John Fowles."The Collector" is a unique example of postmodern literature, which uses a variety of techniques to influence the reader's mind with images.Is it worth it to choose one of the parties?

One of the most powerful interpretation of the phrase "butterflies in the stomach", which is now actively using the youth, gave the world John Fowles."The Collector", reviews of which relate to violence, this topic opens with images.Butterflies have become a symbol of unrequited love, experienced, like a disease.After collecting insects protagonist takes sadistic - permanently deprived of their wings.Miranda, getting captured by Clegg, remains free in his dreams, which can fly.

Butterflies are the separator of class differences, as shown in the episode exploring the collection.Although Fred Clegg endowed multidimensional character Miranda in his background it seems more than a man - a treasure that he was looking for all my life.And while the hero has done his best to your opinion, to create an idyll, but failed to save the girl from the cold and death.Clegg, like a collector, pursuing another woman, on which ends the novel, riddled with hundreds of feelings.