The Department of Health of Moscow Region as a central executive body of state power

Health Department of the Moscow region - is the central executive body, which carries out on the territory of Moscow and its region executive activities in the field of health, as well as conducting public policy.He also coordinates the activities of other regional and central executive bodies and exercise branch management.

The management of the Department?

Department is guided by the acts of the Government of Moscow, the laws, the Charter and, of course, the Constitution of the Russian Federation.The Ministry may carry out their activities both in direct cooperation with the various bodies of the executive power, as well as directly on their own.It can carry out on their behalf, and purchase obligations and personal rights.It has personal accounts, its own balance sheet and has the power entities.

main goals and objectives

Department of Health of Moscow Region was established to implement the policy of Moscow in the health of people in the region.

main objectives are:

  • Implementation and development of the systems of measures within its competence to protect the health, including the provision of pharmaceuticals and medical aid to the population field and the organization of preventive measures.
  • respect for freedom and human rights in health care and the state guarantees, which are linked to these rights, and the protection of citizens.

powers of the Department of Health of Moscow Region shall exercise the following powers:

  • on liquidation, reorganization and the creation of public health agencies, as well as state-level educational institutions of secondary vocational education;
  • Regulatory pay for work in the field of occupational safety and health, including the definition of the order, conditions and size of the cost of payments to various municipal medical institutions at the expense of funds allocated from the federal budget for the respective goal;
  • to determine the mode of districts and the boundaries of sanitary protection of recreational and health resorts and places of regional importance;
  • for recognition in the health-spa resort of regional significance.

What problem confronts a Ministry?

Department of Health of Moscow Region aims to:

  • maintain order of facilities for families with a sick child contagious tuberculosis;
  • cancel or introduce restrictive measures (ie quarantine) on the territory of Moscow and the region on the basis of regulations and proposals of the main state sanitary doctor of the Moscow region, as well as his deputies;
  • to support investment projects of health care;
  • financial measures to ensure the promotion, organization and development of the donation of blood and blood components;
  • form budget expenditure on health and safety in terms of the provision of a mandatory specialized care in oncology, drug treatment, TB, STI clinics and other health institutions in the area.

Department of Health is also responsible for:

  • draft territorial programs to guarantee the necessary free assistance to Russian citizens, which includes mandatory health insurance of the population;
  • organization of training and retraining of medical and pharmaceutical workers, their certification;
  • provision of drug and medical assistance, the development of public health protection;
  • determination of the main directions of health policy in the Moscow region;
  • drafting of regulations, regulatory and legal acts in the established order, including the recognition of these acts and making the necessary changes.

Formation budget request for the inclusion of health care spending in the bill

Moscow Health Department establishes economic and medical standards, in accordance with the basic federal standards to provide mainly medical care.Ministry licensed activities related to trafficking in psychotropic and narcotic substances and agents, is engaged in pharmaceutical and medical practice.Also organizes private and municipal labor protection system (except for activities related to medical care, necessarily high-tech).

Official site of the health department located at this address: you can find all the necessary information about the activities, structure and activities of the Department.