Respiratory protection.

man was able to survive in adverse environmental conditions that have been created by his hands along with the vagaries of nature, he must use special means, devised to increase the chances to save lives and health.Respiratory protection may prevent many diseases, make it possible to work in conditions of high air pollution.Scientific and technological progress by leaps and strides towards perfection, creating the ideal tools for human comfort and well-being.We sometimes do not realize how simple gauze or rubber device that can save lives and alleviate chemical strike.

most common respiratory protection - it is different kinds of masks and respirators.It is also widely used Dust tissue mask and banal, sometimes sewed their own hands, cotton-gauze bandage.The latter type is available to everyone.And do not need to go for specialized retail outlets with a view to acquire the necessary dust respirator.

specific use of protective equipment

One can not say what type of filter air pollutants adapta

tions needed if there is an accurate description of the situation in which it is applied.When buying respiratory protection should be possible to specify which substances are present in the air.This does not mean that in an emergency you should not rely on the fact that you can protect your body from poisons and smoke.It is advisable to specify the working conditions, the description of the substances with which to touch, the floor area where the person is located.

may need only filtering half-mask instead of the more serious equipment - mask.The cost does not matter, since in some cases the absence of the mask can pose a threat not only to health but also human life.When you purchase must indicate the age of the person who is planning to use the simplest respiratory protection. For example, there is a size range of respirators, teenage products by volume are different from adults in the smaller side.

kind of filtering devices

  • mask - the main means of respiratory protection.It helps to prevent inhalation, as well as in the eyes and on the face not only of suffocating smoke, and toxic, chemically dangerous substances.For the employees of the secret laboratories of a breathing apparatus will be excellent barrier to bacterial penetration into the body of biological origin, radioactive vapors and aerosols of different types.

  • respirator for dust and gas - a functional and easy to use product of scientific and technological progress, which allows to protect the respiratory system from human fetid and poisonous vapors, gases, aerosols, such as poisonous substances.It is worth noting that such filtering respiratory protection are effective only at low concentrations (in the range 10-15 mark MPC).The most common respirators: RU-60M (used with cartridge CD and B), the RPG-67 (CD holder) and the article with the interesting name "Snow-SE-E" does not negate its effectiveness.Respiratory half-mask-labeled RU-60M, as well as RPG-67, got its name from the appearance - a rubber half-mask having a knitted obturator.
  • Civic gas masks to protect against the release of poisonous substances and are the most accessible and popular among the population of the globe.Such means of filtering can be purchased independently from a retailer, detailing exactly where it is planned to use, and specifying the age of the person to which the product will be directly worn.

How to make the right choice

Classification respiratory protection may include additional subtypes that are used in some cases.To understand exactly what it means for filtering the air you need to be a closer look at each of them.Even if the information is not relevant at the moment, there may be situations in the future, when the mask or respirator there is an urgent need.It is not intended that immediately need to buy games remedies and store them in the basement before the onset of a suitable case.If a person is sufficiently informed, he may need, then it will be easier to cope with any unusual life stages.Gauze masks, which can be done by hand, not so relevant: they can protect in a smoky room during the fire, but no more.Only serious training - a guarantee of safety in the future.

dust and gas masks

Also mentioned in the list of the main specific masks, the following subtypes: Respirator RU-6th - fairly common respiratory protection, came with two cartridges, absorbing noxious fumes and toxic substances.This product has a charge and an additional filter.

protects the body from the fumes and poisonous substances.Particular attention should be given to adaptation, "Snow-SE-E", which has in its seemingly simple design of two filters - dust-aerosols and absorbing.If you use such a convenient mask, you can protect yourself fully from the vapor in the air aerosol substances of biological origin, emissions of poisonous substances (the latter include hydrogen fluoride, chlorine, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride).This is a great help for those who work at the sites of increased atmospheric pollution, or simply decided to protect potato shoots from Colorado beetles.No matter how strong was the poison in SPRAY - protection is guaranteed.

sphere of use of respirators

It is worth noting that such respiratory masks are of limited use.This means that they do not protect against poisonous substances to eyes and skin (a component of the filter is put on the area of ​​the mouth and nose are securely mounted behind the solid rubber to avoid sliding on the hair and scalp).Scope of use - industrial.And to the person to wear a gas mask planner, there are some strict requirements prescribed in the rules of industrial hygiene.Special item - respiratory protection rights not only from harmful substances (gases, vapors, and so on. D.), But also from the solids, which have low weight and can be freely suspended."Protection against dust or respirator of contaminants?"- An issue that should be approached thoroughly, thoroughly analyzing the situation beforehand.

filter masks

Such a remedy is made by the industry to protect workers at the enterprises, which are in contact daily with the chemically hazardous substances.Typically, such an insulating mask is used in conjunction with protective clothing and footwear.There are two main subspecies: industrial gas masks (as mentioned earlier, for laboratory workers, plants and other objects) and civil (for all categories of the population in the event of an unfavorable situation with the risk of their lives).The scope of industrial use of gas masks - protection from harmful chemicals when their concentration in the room air exceeds the permissible limits.

use such special filters special design can only be based on types of poisons or potent substances, that is, after further analysis.If the head of the company cares about its employees, he repeatedly check everything in advance, and only then will be able to order the masks for all workers.They are produced by different manufacturers in all trim levels, with different filter canisters.The latter are particularly relevant for consideration, as each of them has the ability to selectively absorb harmful substances and solids in suspension, in the premises.

Civil mask: the distribution and function

If you touch the issue of the choice of filter harmful poisons the respiratory protection in this regard reached unprecedented progress.It is understood that not only can order specialized types, but also to buy in the store, which is engaged in the supply of such goods.For example, you can buy a gas mask civil.It will protect the respiratory system fully, because of its design have the proper filters.Currently, the most popular and sought means of separating the clean air of impurities.It is available for everyone, but it is important to know the size, not to be mistaken.For example, a teenager adult model will be great.This can not be neglected, as in a fire or work with poisons, this product can simply slide off the head and leave the person alone with danger.Loosely fitted mask also does not provide adequate protection.We must not forget that for a growing organism such carelessness can be fatal and cause irreparable damage to all systems: circulatory, respiratory, damage to the mucous membranes of the eyes, and others.The above-mentioned basic respiratory protection will help in any situation where there is a risk of chemical explosion or release of hazardous substances from plants located in the city or nearby.Almost every town has a directional chemical plants producing useful for everyday things.But any emergency situation can be dangerous for the entire urban population.

RPG 67. Scope of use

Particular attention is paid to such products as a respirator RPG-67.It belongs to the category Filter anti devices that will fully protect the body if necessary.This model is mainly used for respiratory protection of any age from the effects of harmful substances in the state of steam or gas.When it comes to the industry - is present in the air from the room (normally closed), namely the working area.In it a man spends most of his time, so a daily impact on his body of toxic impurities can not only have a negative impact on his health, but also to reduce the amount of time allotted to life, no matter how it was unfortunate.

design respirator

RPG-67 consists of the following main parts: a basis - rubber half-mask labeled PR-7, tissue or rubber shutter, depending on the preference of the manufacturer of several filter cartridges.There is also a plastic sleeve, which are mounted in the inhalation valve, exhalation valve.There is a safety screen and clearly planned size of the headband.Respiratory RPG-67 pick just - it corresponds exactly to the marking of ammunition marking, acts as a filter.Each of them has a different composition sinks.To avoid confusion (because respiratory protection - the process of an extremely serious), marking each filter products is strictly applied in the center of the lid of the cartridge.This must indicate the date of manufacture, as well as the model and brand of cartridge component.

Sizes respirators

usually issued by the manufacturer to the size of half mask respirators of three types: 1, 2, 3, depending on the girth of the head and the age of the consumer choose appropriate.You can also purchase bundled or separate goggles that protect the bodies of a man who wants to put a strong barrier between the organism and harmful environment.Respiratory RPG-67 has some of the nuances of use.One of the most important: it is forbidden to use this tool for the protection of highly toxic substances.The fact that in this case it filters can not cope with their functions.Such substances include hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, phosphorous hydrogen cyanide, methane, tetraethyl ethane.Certain substances in vaporous condition still can penetrate into the body, for example if some parts are not protected skin.

any person from time to time have to deal with a variety of harmful substances, and the situation may be different: operating torque or abnormal case.Choosing the remedy must take into account all of the generally accepted norms and factors, if ignored, could lead to disastrous consequences.The filter box of any product always strictly specialized, it focuses on a specific part of the absorbers.

their health should always be treated very carefully.If it is possible to prevent any life-threatening situation, it is easy to do.Respiratory protection - it is a necessity and not a luxury at all.Their value is always in the range available, and if in the country are environmental disasters or man-made disasters, it might even be reduced, based on the poor.The state is able to take care of us, to some extent, but everyone must make every effort to ensure its protection.