Where in Moscow monuments to Gogol?

In Russia has always been fashionable and prestigious fight with all sorts of idols.Prince Vladimir, establishing Christianity, drowned in the river many Perun and now his descendants throughout Ukrainian knocked defenseless Vladimir Ilyich.

«With women-Yagami nikchemushnaya struggle»

In Russia suddenly worried monument to Gogol.Monument to the Soviet era in the former Prechistensky (now Gogol) Boulevard in March 2014 it was decided to dismantle and replace it back old works Andreeva, which was built here originally, back in 1909.

consensus in society on this issue no.One of the citizens believe that it is better to leave things as they are, the other yearns "to restore historical justice," not wanting to be considered with any considerations of expediency or to the realities of the life around (still for the moment in Russia there is a problem, and more important).Someone, perhaps, would not mind, but it stopped a purely economic motives: experts say that the rush with similar structures here an

d there - not a cheap pleasure.

Following Pushkin

The one monument to Gogol in Moscow, which is now going to return to the place, decided to build a progressive public in August 1880.This year opened a monument to Alexander Pushkin on Tverskoy Boulevard.Audience She drenched herself with tears of joy and emotion, and immediately there were enthusiasts who want to pay tribute, and Nikolai Gogol.The monument was planned to open the fiftieth anniversary of his death - in 1902, but did not have time.Despite the fact that almost immediately was declared a subscription to raise funds, the case for a long time quiet.

accusations of greed and sluggishness, we hear from some of the figures (M. Kuraev, in particular), it is hardly a well-deserved: on the monument to Alexander gathered faster (all known figure classics appeared twenty years after the beginning of the subscription), but alsofor Nikolai not that stingy.

not have time for the anniversary, try to

anniversary of famous Russian industrialist, Demidov copper promised "as needed" and gave up five thousand.There were other patrons.By 1890 ripe for the creation of a special committee on the construction of the monument, but it is not particularly in a hurry, while in 1893 the Emperor himself did not tell him to "accelerate".

not to act at once, but the members of the venerable Assembly last held a number of meetings and determined the person to whom it was necessary to "go on the construction of the monument."Interestingly, his name was AN nose.Just some kind of hoax.

Somehow, with difficulty, held a contest for the best work, but none of the sketches was not impressed with the commission.It became clear that we must move fast: inexorably approaching in 1909 - the centenary of the birth of Nikolai Gogol was executed.The monument is not ripened to the anniversary of the death, it would have been very handy.

sculptor Doubtful, doubtful project

It is still unknown what the backroom negotiations preceded the adoption of the draft Andreev, but voted for it unanimously (in terms of voiced Committee, only one voice against vetoed the adoption of a sketch).Perhaps the solution really was forced: time something almost no choice.So, with grief in half, construction work began, widely covered by the press and cause a lively discussion among Muscovites.

To begin with the author's identity raises questions.Prominent representatives of the art of those times Opekushin Repin and appreciated the talent of the young sculptor.However, the public doubted: a little experience in the construction of monuments.

Shortly before the opening of a well-known critic Sergey Yablonovsky called the monument a symbol of "terrible and dreadful" and expressed the view that "many people do not want it."As the water looked!

promising opening of the monument

Open monument to Gogol in Moscow planned with great fanfare, although there has not been without the usual (it must be noted) bungling: specially constructed grandstand appeared shaky, away from sin to use them banned.Because the photographs from the opening can be seen at the foot of the impressive hustle just opened the monument, and next - empty "visual ranks."Home did not bode well ...

emotions caused by the monument, at once sharply divided.Many have decided (Repin, for example), that before them - a significant work of art, but rather a vast audience found the monument to a real spit in eternity.

Gogol crouching

sculpture depicts a man completely wrapped in a cloak, with his head bowed low.Crouching absurdly had fallen on one side, Gogol was sitting in a chair and is the embodiment of Weltschmerz and his famous long nose almost touched his knees.Tetrahedral pedestal framed copper strips - a bas-relief on it portrayed the characters of famous works of the writer.These critics have called.But the figure of a classic!

shower of epigrams sample: "Andreev made Gogol from" Nose "and" The Overcoat, "";"Gogol, hunched over, sitting, Pushkin, Gogol is."

attend the opening of Leo Tolstoy's wife, Countess, I found the monument "disgusting" (as in personal diary and written).Quite interesting, that her great husband, great classics of world literature, like a monument.

whole world of violence we destroy ...

In this range, and stayed here numerous reviews.However, to change a sedentary monument to Gogol no one was going, and was he at the beginning of Gogol Boulevard, it is possible today if, in the seventeenth year of the last century to power did not come "tribe young, unknown," and did not take decide the fate of the country(and monuments) in a new way.

monument to Gogol on Gogol Boulevard after the revolution lasted thirty-five years and during that time has been under attack, becoming day by day more and more vicious.The reason was, according to some sources, a crouching figure of literary classics on your nerves to Joseph Vissarionovich, forced regularly to sympathize skosobochennomu Gogol monument was exactly on the way to the dacha at Kuntsevo, where entrenched powerful Soviet general secretary.

war copper writer

Thousands of sycophants, eager to please the beloved leader, did not stint on "kicks" creation Andreev.The famous Soviet sculptor Vera Mukhina (author of the famous "Worker and Collective Farm") accused the monument to the disparity between the reality.They say that once was Gogol reason to be sad - from the horrors of the tsarist and other tyranny, and now something sad that, when the country life has become "better and more fun?"

first dismantle the monument sedentary Gogol in Moscow did not plan - supposed to just build another one at the other end of the square.Someone banged his fist on the table is unknown, but in 1952, for the 100th anniversary of the death of the writer, in Moscow, opened a new monument, is very different from the former.

Still, the anniversary!

history with the approval of the project was again some dark: the winner of the contest was caressed by the authorities (winner of five Stalin Prizes!), The Tomsk sculptor, who later himself admitted that the monument to Gogol on Gogol Boulevard of his authorship frankly bad.Justifies hurry: they say, has not had time to do more efficiently, because it was necessary to keep on terms - to the hundredth anniversary of his death.

After the presentation of the annual work again broke something like scandal.Seeing a monument to the newly-born Gogol, the public was amazed (and shocked).Now, the author of the magnificent monument to the monstrous smug inscription "From the Soviet government" (which does not get tired of making fun over half a century) went to the other extreme: to replace the sick, dejected classics was a sort of cheerful "dance teacher" - smiling, giddy in a short cape.Some considered it a "masterpiece" caricature, and folk poetry again shot up caustic epigrams.

statue can also be unhappy

Monument Andreev dismantled as early as 1951, in the empty place to build a new, stand a monument to Gogol (that embodied a victory of art over the dark reality).

first "not sad topic" Nikolai copper even want to execute (send to the smelter), but the staff of the Moscow Architectural Museum miraculously saved the work of art.In the end, there were brief reference.Until 1959, the monument was stored disassembled in a branch of the museum is located in the former Donskoy Monastery: here found refuge many unwanted Soviet regime sculptures marble figure with facades destroyed Moscow churches, for example.

In 1959, "sad" the writer returned to Moscow and installed around the house in which he lived the last years of his life (house belonged to Count Tolstoy).Townspeople say that certain points on Nikitsky Boulevard can be seen sitting and standing monument to Gogol at the same time.Now that the work of Tomsk accustomed to see construction in 1952 and dignity, recognizing, for example, that it is better to fit into the modern look of the area.

Despite the fact that the idea of ​​the destruction of the monuments of the Soviet era many do not like, is now on the "fun" Nikolai Vasilyevich threatened.At the same time, experts say that the attempt to return to the historical monument in its place is fraught with unforeseen complications: the construction is old enough, during transport can damage it - it is better to leave things as they are.Still, it is impossible to argue with the fact that two of the monument to Gogol - is better than none.