How to make protein shakes for muscle growth alone

to become stronger, improve your fitness and gain the necessary muscle mass, anyone can do bodybuilding or powerlifting.But some activities under the program, which provides heavy, sometimes exhausting workout for sustained muscle growth is not enough.This requires a consistently high level of protein in the body, which can provide protein shakes for muscle growth.

protein or protein shake holds a high-level protein in the body, quickly and easily assimilated and stimulates constant increase in muscle mass.

What is a protein shake?

protein shake for weight set is a mixture consisting of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.Wherein the protein is a basic ingredient cocktail comprising 80% of the total composition.Soluble proteins cocktail prepared from egg whey, soy or other plant products.

Of course, the protein can be obtained from food, but, firstly, to provide the necessary dose of it, you have to eat large amounts of protein.Second, the protein of the ingested food absorbed hea

vier and longer.Third, in the protein shakes are also other useful elements that are beneficial for the body.

Specialized protein shakes for muscle growth, which include minerals and multivitamin complexes, helping to compensate for the loss of salts that are excreted in sweat from the body.A small amount of fat and carbohydrates including sucrose and fructose, in the mixture contributes to its caloric content.These cocktails are called energy or Gainer.

How to take a protein shake?

Usually protein shakes for muscle growth take twice before workout and 40 minutes after the end of 30 minutes.This mode of reception should be strictly implemented.After a cocktail before a workout should necessarily fully understood.The benefits of physical activity to drinking the beverage consists in the fact that he successfully replace meat, beans or cheese, contain a lot of protein, but heavy on the stomach.Therefore, athletes are not recommended to use them before class.

After training the body is particularly acute needs protein, and drunk a cocktail just and promotes active growth of muscles.

When necessary protein shake?

protein shake for muscle growth necessarily need to athletes during long workouts.It is virtually the only opportunity to give your body without stopping all the activities it substance.Protein powder reduces fatigue and reduces the athlete during his recovery.

Will be useful in cocktails such long trips, when for a few days is not possible to eat cooked food.However, remember that good nutrition to replace the energy mix can not.

How to make a protein shake?

course, protein powders can be bought off the shelf or in powder form.But it is possible to prepare a home-protein shake.Usually it is prepared on the basis of milk, juice, or yogurt, cheese, or adding the egg white.As a source of carbohydrates may be honey or sugar, and essential fats can be obtained from olive oil.If you add in a mixture of berries or fruits, you get an excellent drink.Cocktail prepared on the basis that its use at one time should not exceed 300 grams.

However, we should remember that in our diet it should be balanced, and get involved in the protein mixture is not necessary.Of course, they do not need to be afraid, but the accumulation of excess protein in the body can lead to various diseases, such as gout.So all the best to be little by little.