How to take creatine monohydrate, and all he fit?

Many bodybuilders are asking about how to take creatine monohydrate.This drug has long been replicated by the athletes, but the best option is still debatable.Everyone thinks the use of additives, individually or on the advice of bodybuilders who took it, and have practical experience.And now it's time to still deal with this issue.In the literature you can find dozens of articles about how to take creatine monohydrate, but each of them confirms the particular method, it denies.In order to determine not only the safest way to health, but also the most effective, it is necessary to work hard.

Creatine monohydrate: how to make

First you need to determine the scheme: how often, when and why you eat.Today has its own additive effect on everyone who uses it.Accordingly, it is important to determine the form in which it is more suitable from a practical point of view: in the form of capsules, solutions or in powder form.

instructions that came with the package, does not always produce distinct clarif

ication on the application of creatine, which, in turn, confuses those who deal with different manufacturers.

Dosage and related products

best to eat five or six grams of dietary supplement every day without exercise.If the training day, it is best to take creatine monohydrate with protein shakes, amino acids or drink sweet juice, but be sure only after school.


better to take supplements after training, it is caused by metabolism in the body during this period.Therefore, thinking about how to take creatine monohydrate, it is important to remember that during exercise its use is not only impractical, but harmful to the body, as in this case is complicated metabolism.Take the mixture can also be in the morning, because it was then with the greatest intensity of growth hormone is released.

Use a food additive under consideration should be as follows: one glass solution should be taken with the same amount of liquid.In mastering it well affect the use of various growth hormones, anabolic steroids, steroids.

best to buy creatine combined with the transport system, it will improve the absorption of the drug throughout the body.

How long

course of administration should be continued for at least two months.You must then three or four weeks to take a break and allow the body to absorb all.During this period, the sensitivity of muscles to recover.If creatine take on a permanent basis, in the body decreases the susceptibility to additives reduces their effectiveness.

For some it is useless

Reception various additives - it is a purely personal matter, but the way to take creatine monohydrate, everyone should know the athlete.After spending time on the drug, the person should get a surge of strength and energy.The efficiency is achieved by the use of additives in about 30% of the athletes.This is primarily due to the individual characteristics of susceptibility to the drug.For some organisms, it's just the slag and nothing more.Therefore, if after two courses of the results do not improve, you should think about the appropriateness of use.

In any case, after reading the article you are essentially grounded on "How to take creatine monohydrate."