What a disaster.

What is a disaster?This event, which can carry a diverse nature.In this killed a lot of people and there are major destruction.Accidents, especially large ones, have always been the focus of attention of many people.Unfortunately, along with the development of technology is constantly increasing and the scale of both the number of victims among the people, and for damage caused to the environment.

Any disaster emergencies and is subject to scrutiny in order to further humanity could avoid a repeat of the tragedy.Special mention should be left in the history of the "best" catastrophe, who caused a huge negative economic impact, not to mention of ruined lives.

death of "Titanic"

all heard about the catastrophe.They can occur on land, in water and even in the sky.

"Titanic" is the most famous wreck with over one and a half thousand dead and economic losses from the disaster in terms of modern purchasing power exceeds $ 150 million.The liner sank, making his first ocean voyage at the beginning of th

e XX century.At that time, he was positioned as the largest passenger ship.The owners called him "unsinkable."

immediate culprit of the tragedy was the giant iceberg, please board the ship like a giant knife.The blow of such force riveting weakened in the gap between the metal sheets start to flow water.On board were more than 2 thousand people, of which survived only 706.

tanker explosion in Germany

Recent history no less rich in man-made disasters than the events of a century ago.In August 2004, in Germany there was traffic accident that caused damage to adjacent infrastructure at 358 million dollars.Tanker trailer following a bridge overpass, as a result of a collision with a car rammed the bridge guard and hit with a hundred-meter height, and then exploded.

Fortunately, in the vicinity of the bridge private households are not affected.Wondering about what the disaster, many people start to cry.For some of them the accident on the road turned into a tragedy.

MetroLink passenger train colliding with a freight train

Rail transport is one of the spheres of emergency in any State.No exception - and the developed Western countries with computer security systems on the railway tracks.

the autumn of 2008 in the Los Angeles area, the United States, the fast passenger train, ignoring the prohibiting signal semaphore, collided with an oncoming freight train.Responsibility for the tragedy proved the train driver, did not notice the brake, because he was busy with his mobile phone.

The disaster was the cause of death of 25 people and 135 injured varying degrees of severity.The damage amounted to half a billion dollars.

Fall bomber "B-2 Stealth"

Military equipment is often the cause of man-made disasters.Most often falling objects and broken military aviation.In February 2008, on the island of Guam, the United States, when performing a training flight, crashed B-2.The accident occurred when the aircraft set the height of a faulty on-board computer.Bomber abruptly lost speed, touched the ground and burst into flames.The pilot managed to eject and thus save his life.

damage from the destruction of the aircraft amounted to $ 1.4 billion.Well, when no one is killed during a disaster.The list of "best" and the most terrifying you can find in this article.

accident tanker Exxon Valdez

man-made disasters often result not only in loss of life and damage to infrastructure, but also become a cause of major environmental pollution, causing enormous damage to the environment.

spring of 1989, Alaska-laden oil tanker collided with a rocky reef and got a hole through which oil and other toxic substances hit the water.

The researchers found that as a result of the disaster suffered greatly biocenose adjacent water areas.Reduce the number of commercial fish species.Full restoration ecology will take several decades.

accident on the platform on oil Piper Alpha

summer of 1988, this oil platform was a strong gas explosion that killed nearly 200 people.A large number of the victims is partly due to the human factor - the staff work in unharmonized and belated measures.Despite the fact that immediately after the explosion on the platform was stopped mining, oil and gas continued to flow on a common network of other platforms, which were not stopped.As a result of the fire could not manage to pay off.

The total damage amounted to at least 3.4 billion dollars.

explosion of the space shuttle shuttle "Challenger┬╗

This accident - a black spot in the history of American space exploration.In winter 1986 almost a minute after the start of the shuttle astronauts crashed.Killing all seven crew members.

led to the explosion of a technical malfunction of solid booster.Prior to that, nine times the shuttle successfully launched from the ground.

total damage disaster exceeded $ 2 billion.Now that you understand what is and what the scale of the disaster, it can reach.

accident tanker Prestige

In 2002, construction of the tanker Prestige in difficult weather conditions, cracked, causing a leak of petroleum products in the open waters.If you attempt to tow the tanker, he broke in two and sank, causing all transported oil appeared in the sea.

suffered great losses biocenosis.Killed more than 300 thousand birds, fish populations declined sharply.Water purification demanded about $ 12 billion.A year of disasters is important because as scientists establish the impact of oil on the life in this area.

death of the space shuttle "Columbia┬╗

winter of 2003 wrecked the reusable spacecraft "Columbia" with astronauts on board.As a result of the tragedy of all seven crew members were killed.The cause of the accident was a violation of the integrity of the skin on the wing of the shuttle.

total damage from this man-made disaster exceeded $ 13 billion, excluding the cost of construction of a new shuttle.

catastrophe in Chernobyl

the spring of 1986 in an explosion at the Chernobyl Unit was a violation of the station, the destruction of the reactor vessel and massive radioactive contamination of the territory.For many days after the accident, the liquidators could not cope with leakage of radioactive substances and to stop the ongoing nuclear reactions.Only by involving many hundreds of experts from around the country who sacrificed their lives, managed to stop a further eruption of radioactive isotopes.Chernobyl disaster - it is a tragedy of the whole planet.

accident consequences felt by many countries: the shock wave circled the globe, and the radioactive cloud passed from Eastern Europe to the United States.About 200 thousand people were forced to migrate from the crash site.

Chernobyl disaster - one of the largest man-made accidents that have occurred in peacetime.

cause of the accident is called the human factor - the violation of safety rules and work.She remembered their scale and horror.The whole city turned into a ghost because of the negligence of the unit.In the event more than one shot the film, each of which clearly shows that such a disaster.