What is the climate in Siberia?

Siberia is known for its open spaces and harsh weather.Its inhabitants respect for nature, and foreigners often even slightly afraid of them because of existing stereotypes.

But few foreign friends to know that one of the largest research centers in the world - Novosibirsk - is among the endless forests of Siberia.And the weather is reminiscent of the tragic past in which totalitarian regimes were exiled here people.The climate is sharply continental Novosibirsk.This means that there is a long frosty winters and short but hot summers.

Compared with the cities located in the same latitude, the weather in the heart of Russia is much more severe - to blame the mountains that from the west and the south block the warm air.Therefore Siberians will inevitably have to be stronger than the others - a climate in Novosibirsk, and such people.

harsh winter

dry air, clear skies and constancy weather helps to easily transfer the cold to 30-40 degrees.Coming from Peter surprised that severe frost do not cause

as much concern as usual for him to -10 ° C and the wind chilly Neva.And in early March, at -15 ° C, the bright sun melts the snow on the roof, forming droplets.

But do not be fooled - the long winter complicates life.Houses must be thoroughly warmed, the car is better to keep in the garage, and hats to wear fluffy.The climate of Novosibirsk is often the decisive factor in the refusal to move to the city.

Spring and summer

Spring comes late.In late April, the winter is gradually receding and the sun gives to cope with mountains of snow.If a particularly large snowdrifts, Ob spills, flooding low-lying area.Most climate of the city of Novosibirsk surprises in the form of snow in May, or, conversely, in mid-March thaw.You can walk through the puddles in the morning and suffocate in a warm jacket and evening slide on ice and blame themselves for what could be and better dressed.

Siberia is very rich in vegetation and in the summer the town is surrounded by greenery.Flowering cherries, fragrant lilacs and the sky abut ancient birch.The only negative - a large number of poplar trees.In June, again coming from "Winter" - down so much that it can be confused with snow.

Autumn Novosibirsk

the end of August begins a full fall.The day is reduced, and at night there are the first frosts.And while the sun is still warm, long night gradually cools the ground, preparing for a difficult winter of Siberia.The dry period is replaced by rain.

bulk of the precipitation comes in the form of rain and snow from the north-western regions.On the other hand mountains stand in the way of moisture saturated air flow.Therefore, even in the fall is relatively dry climate.Novosibirsk hardly notices the transition from autumn to winter - it is much faster than from spring to summer.

Autumn - harvest time.Land in the middle lane is very fertile, and grow any crop is easy.And for those plants that lack the short summer, Siberian gardeners use the heifer.

Relief and soil

relief is mainly flat, which facilitates the construction.However, if the site is located on the bank of the river, care must be taken on strengthening the foundation and a high base.Spring flooding could flood the house.And let the severe floods usually does not happen, but in the years that falls abnormally high rainfall, the Ob and its tributaries causing considerable damage.

in Novosibirsk region are almost all known types of soil - about a hundred species.Marsh, gray forest, salt licks, and others. This feature spoiled the lives of many builders.Most of the soil mix, complicating the construction of both small outbuildings and permanent buildings.

Communication Weather and industry

Novosibirsk - a huge city with a developed infrastructure and a variety of satellite settlements.The city lies the industrial load and the surrounding villages form the food base.Difficult weather conditions make it very difficult not only to the construction, heating and agriculture, but also the banal message.It's hard to get to the place where the road covered with snow, and the car will not start because of the frost.

But manufacturers of air conditioners and heaters are not tired thanks to the climate of Novosibirsk.Cold winter can be without fear of the demand to raise the price of the heaters and the summer - a paradise for merchants conditioners.

Siberia - a fertile, rich land, which joined Europe and the Progressive Conservative Asia.Science and tradition form a unique symbiosis, which can be found only here.This is the legendary Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk the famous Opera House and the newsboy cap from the nineties.Responsive people and old notions of honor.The most beautiful girls and inflexible as pine, man.And who would argue that a constant struggle with nature has not played a role in the development of Siberian character?