Krymsk, a flood in 2012.

Flooding in the Kuban region, which occurred in 2012 - is a spontaneous collapse that was triggered by torrential rains.By Russian standards, this disaster - outstanding.Foreign experts rated it as flash flooding.On the Crimean disaster of 2012 and will be discussed in this article.

What happened in the Krasnodar Territory in the summer of 2012?

heavy rain in parts of the Krasnodar Territory began on July 4.In some areas the monthly precipitation norm was exceeded several times.Excessive rains came at night on July 7th.Numerous rainfall contributed to the rise of water level in the rivers such as:

  1. Adebra.
  2. Bakanka.
  3. Adagum.

night July 7th instantly flooded the city of Krymsk.Flood

ing was a very destructive force, this is not the old-timers remember the history of the region.We suffered another 9 settlements, including:

  1. Gelendzhik.
  2. Novorossiysk.
  3. Divnomorskoe.
  4. Neverdjayevskaya.
  5. Kabardinka and others.

disaster strikes mainly occurred in the Krymsk district and the city of Krymsk.Flood 2012 year claimed more than 160 lives.The water level, according to witnesses, reaching 4-7 meters.It is in some ways comparable to a natural disaster such as tsunami.Rescuers have recognized that took place on the Crimean 7-meter wave and almost instantly swallowed up more than half of the city with a population of 57 thousand. Victims of natural action found 53 thousand people, of whom more than half had lost their property.There were about seven thousand destroyed private property and 185 multi-family homes, as well as:

  1. 18 educational institutions.
  2. 9 hospitals.
  3. 3 building culture.
  4. 15 boilers.
  5. 2 sports facilities.

not only the various buildings and facilities damaged during the flood in the Kuban region, including the city of Krymsk.Floods disrupt power and gas systems.They were totally or partially destroyed water systems, as well as road and rail links.At night on July 7 in Gelendzhik were about seven thousand people in the area of ​​flooding.In Novorossiysk was registered 6 gale, which was discontinued due to the work of the port.

caused flooding

Floods in Kuban - the phenomenon is quite common, but the devastating disaster of this scale, few people remember.What influenced suddenly arose flooding in Krymsk?The reason - the heavy rains.

multiple examination were conducted by employees of the Investigative Committee of Russia.They have concluded that the Crimean flood of 2012 - it is a natural disaster, which is based on a natural phenomenon.There has been a massive concentration of water, and then - a very fast discharge, which led to almost instant flooding vast areas.

flood wave

reason for accumulation of water - heavy rains, which were more than one day in the Krasnodar region.It is the main factors of the huge amount of water.What deterrent unimpeded passage of flood waters?Where did the wave that sweeps and destroys everything in its path, including Krymsk?Flood (2012), its causes, speculation and the truth will long constant topic of conversation as the local residents and the rest of the population.

scientists and experts participated in the study emerged disaster.And we came to the conclusion that the formation of the flood wave had an impact anthropogenic factors.The main reason was the lack of capacity of the culvert systems in railway embankments and railway bridge over the river in front of the Crimean Adagum.All these factors have led to a very rapid accumulation of water, that is, the formation of an artificial reservoir.And then there was the flow, and then a mass breakout of water toward the city of Krymsk.Flooding, as mentioned above, was instantly at night when people are asleep.This was one of the main causes of death of large numbers of people.

spans of road bridges in the direction of Krymsk were packed tree trunks, branches and household waste, which is very difficult for a free gathering of flood waters.In addition, the river bed was badly littered, in some areas there were many plants, which also negatively affected the gathering of water.

flood relief in Krymsk

During the period of liquidation of consequences of the floods were rescued about 900 people.Evacuated about 3,000 injured, mostly rescue area was the Crimean region and the city of Krymsk.Flooding in 2012 was an enormous scale.In this area we were involved:

  1. 10600 rescuers.
  2. More than 2,500 pieces of equipment.
  3. ten aircraft.

liquidate consequences of disaster are many volunteers who came from all corners of the country, their number reached about 2.5 thousand. People.

allowances and locals

The total damage from the destructive power of the elements was at least 20 billion rubles (according to the regional administration).Mainly affected town of Krymsk.Flooding left a huge number of people without a roof over his head.For capital repairs of damaged buildings from the federal budget allocated more than 2 billion rubles.The ruined city was built 30 new homes.State were paid compensation for damage to health in the amount of about 106 million rubles.Also benefits received family members of those killed in the crash, in the amount of about 240 million rubles.

The first anniversary of the tragedy in the Krasnodar region on July 6 in Krymsk opened Memorial "Wailing Wall."