Station "Volokolamskaya."

One of the most interesting stations of the Moscow metro - "Volokolamskaya."The name of the Moscow subway platform shrouded in myths and legends close, due to which it has long been considered ghost station, some mysterious and mystical object in the underground map of Moscow.Read more about it, we'll talk later.


Pokrovskaya branch - is the line on which the platform is "Volokolamskaya."Metro is known to differ in their directions by color.This line in the scheme of the Moscow Metro is marked in blue.The name given for the platform nearby Volokolamsk Highway.Metro crosses the track from north to south, and the station of the same name it is between stops "Mitino" and "Myakinino."Thus, it goes beyond the Moscow Ring Road.If we exclude the neighbors in the branch closest to Volokolamsk will be underground station "Tushinskaya".

Volokolamsk Highway connects the two stations by land.Platform lies at a depth of a little over fourteen meters.The total length of the station is one hundred sixt

y three meters.

story platform

opened metro station "Volokolamskaya" was in 2009, at the end of December.According to the account, it was the 179th platform Moscow drifting snow.However, to build it began long before - back in the 1990s.At that time, the line "Mitino, Butovo" required transfer station, and whose role was to play "Volokolamskaya."Metro and at the same time built a Mitinsky street, that is, except for the construction of the station was supposed to additional tunnels.Some of them were built open way, part - closed.However, plans for urban planners have changed, and by the end of the 1990 draft froze, and the metro station "Volokolamskaya" entered folklore as a ghost station.However, this fame it owes another station, which will be further discussed below.

After about one and a half decades, the project once again became relevant, and construction of the platform was continued.But this was not so easy and fast.Firstly, areas dug tunnels were dug back to extend Mitinskaya street.Secondly, it took a new project that would meet the new requirements.Its development and approval took a long time.Therefore, complete the construction of the platform began only in 2007.

In early February 2008 the workers began to lay tunnels to the future bridge across the Moscow River from the station "Volokolamskaya."Metro was built with the closed method with the help of special equipment.

Outdoor paving the way to the tunnels used only coming to a stop, and during the construction of the station.Because the platform is full of technology of monolithic construction, the main works were related to concreting.Thus, monolithic - that is what is different from most other stations Platform "Volokolamskaya."

Metro, built during the Soviet period, for example, has a completely different design.All work on the construction of the station was completed in nine months.It is not too much, given the volume and complexity of work performed.In autumn 2008, work began on the finishing station with marble and granite.And in 2009 the opening of the platform "Volokolamskaya."Metro subway together with the staff first visited the city officials and representatives of the press.A week later - December 26 - the station was officially opened for public use.

Transportation near the platform "Volokolamskaya»

Near the metro station "Volokolamskaya" shuttle bus â„–837, and one kilometer from the station in the direction of the Riga railway platform is "Knitting."In the future construction of a new railway platform in the immediate vicinity of the subway.

lobby and interchange platform transitions

This station is direct.This, incidentally, features a modern platform of the project interchange points, which was originally conceived "Volokolamskaya."Metro the blue line after the ring line intersects with only the blue line at the station "Kuntsevo".

facility includes two lobby - in the north and east.Outputs, respectively, two, too.Each has trehlentochnym escalators and one elevator is designed for people who are difficult to use the escalator.Passengers on the inlet and outlet are separated from each other in two disjoint stream.

architecture and style of performance

One of the attractions, which is rightly proud of Moscow - the subway."Volokolamskaya" is - one of the most beautiful Moscow subway stations.The project is a platform developed by a group of architects of "Metrogiprotras."In 2011, he even won the contest "Golden Section", held in Moscow Union of Architects.

Station is quite high arches, surpassing the mark of height of eight meters.The composition of the platform is made in neo-gothic style.Arched unit, three-aisled construction and increased column spacing (nine meters) create the impression of lightness and spaciousness.Facing the station is made dark marble and granite.Around the perimeter lights are located, are configured so as to create a natural light.Paul is finished in light gray granite.

Legends of Volokolamsk station

among diggers and lovers of mysticism metro station "Volokolamskaya" being branded as a ghost station.But in fact, the platform, which is discussed in the article, it is not the same ghostly and mysterious "Volokolamskaya", which is legendary.Common they just a name.

Original ghost was on Violet Metro Line, just before the station "Tushinskaya".The platform was built in 1975 specifically for the residential complex, which is planned to build on the site Tushino airfield.But since the development project was canceled, and the subway station did not open it.The caretaker as she stood up to the end of August 2014, when it held its grand opening with the title of "Spartacus" in honor of the stadium above it.But among those who do not know this fact, the situation with the legendary "Volokolamskaya" is still confusing.