Release of staff - a necessary measure

release of personnel - a set of measures that constitute an adequate response to changes in economic, technological, structural or organizational nature.Its aim is to reduce the total number of employees or their specific categories.The release of the personnel is not always associated with a reduction in the total number of people working in the organization.Typically, this procedure, which is a source of problems and conflicts.After all, for most workers hired labor - is the source of their income, and secondly, this is the way of self-realization and a measure of social status.Therefore, the release of personnel - this is what can really threaten the stability and measured life, cause failures in life and discomfort.

In this regard, it should be understood that the set of measures should be maximally adapted to the current socio-economic situation of the organization and its environment.And at the most negative measure in this process is a dismissal for redundancy when using the power method layoff

s.It is best to avoid, and resort to it as a last resort, as it is often fraught with personal tragedies of people, litigation, confrontation with the trade unions and discharge negativity in collectives.The release of the personnel can be carried out smoothly and systematically, without resorting to extreme measures of force.

Among these methods can be called:

  • cessation of recruitment of new staff;
  • retraining staff for new or redundant jobs, not planned for reduction;
  • voluntary, stimulated by the release of the financial staff of retirement age (severance incentive payments);
  • shorter working week;
  • simple;
  • leave without pay;
  • transfer to part-time work.

persanalom management organization should take into account not only short-term goals, due to the current economic situation, so you need to understand that the loss of skilled personnel today in favor of reducing the current expenses can come back real problems of shortage of people to carry out the planned company plans.

In addition, faced with economic problems can not look at them one-sidedly.It should analyze what you can change in the organization, in order to prevent the release of the personnel.For example, do not be amiss to analyze the services that support the activities of the organization.Did this work cheaper temporarily instruct its staff.In this situation it is possible to solve two problems - to save on their costs and keep staff.You should also pay attention to the additional income that can be obtained using the existing potential.

All of this in any case does not mean that we should not get rid of employees working poor, unqualified violating labor discipline and contributing to the life of the collective discomfort.Such workers if they do it consciously, and you can not set them up on a common working mode, it is necessary to release, while respecting the requirements of the Labour Code.