Medical insurance for the visa

to obtain a Schengen visa, you must fill out a form and submit to the consulate a number of documents, including - insurance for the visa.The insurance policy is issued for the entire stay in the country of the Schengen area.The minimum amount of cover - 30 thousand euro.For entry into the United States need to design a policy with coverage of at least 50 thousand dollars.This amount would be enough to pay the cost of medical services, medicines and offset the cost of the insured person to return to his homeland.

Medical insurance for the visa is issued in the country where the applicant lives (or citizen is).Please note that the Consulate take to the policies of only those companies that have been accredited at the embassy.

requirements for insurance policy

Insurance for visa must comply with the following requirements:

  1. insurance document must be made out for the duration of the trip and to act in all the countries Schengen area.
  2. insurance policy is issued without a franchise.
  3. The minimum amount of cover - 30 thousand euro.
  4. policy should reimburse all possible insurance claims: first aid on the spot, return to their homeland, and repatriation of pr.

insurance for the visa must also take into account additional requirements (customized for each country).For example, the embassies of some countries require that policies are processed for a period longer than their stay in the country.In some countries it is allowed to policy was written by hand, while others require only a printed document.

Making policy

Medical insurance for the Schengen visa is issued is quite simple.You need to contact the insurance company to be accredited to the embassy (or a travel agency), and present your passport.Then you have to choose the insurance package and specify the exact dates of your trip.Insurance is issued in just ten minutes.Today

insurance policy for traveling abroad can be issued even by e-mail.You send all the necessary information through the Internet and takes the finished document in the office.

cost of insurance

Expenses for registration of insurance for a visa depends on the amount of coverage on the selected package, the age of the applicant and of the insurance period.For example, a standard package of risks at the insurance sum of 30 thousand euros will cost one euro per day.So if you are planning a ten-day trip, the insurance for the visa will cost you ten euros.Any deviation from the standard set of risks (eg, extreme sports, the age of the tourist who is over 60 years) will increase the cost of insurance.

It is worth noting that the insurance company compensates for tourists not only for the cost of medical services, but also the cost of prescription drugs.If you frequently travel abroad, it makes sense to issue an insurance policy just for half a year or one year.

unpleasant item to ruin your trip, be sure to take care of the insurance for traveling abroad.This would avoid the many problems, including financial.