What can I say man?

conversation between men and women ... What could be more natural this process?We are born to be happy with your partner, to create a strong and united family.During the relentless search for Mr Right ladies use the entire arsenal of military, among which the main weapon - communication.That extraordinary thoughts and knowledge of the fair sex might be interested elect and for all subdue his heart.

basic rules first date

start with it, as the people who saw each other for the first time, often have nothing to say.They are embarrassed, lost, afraid to seem boring and can not find common themes.That it has not happened to you, you hack to death on your nose: the most important rule of communication with a stranger - sincerity.Remember the children how easy they find common ground with absolutely strangers.The secret is in their immediacy, openness and honesty.If you can cultivate these qualities of character, the caller immediately bite the bait.

first conversation with the man must take place in a

quiet place where no one will disturb you.Loud music and the crowd scurrying passers-by should not distract you and the gentleman from the important sacrament - dating, verbal knowledge of each other.Speak in a pleasant voice, slowly, using the game of mimicry, smile - these simple techniques bribe men.But inappropriate laughter and even hysterical laughter, a lot of questions and a faraway look, on the contrary, can play a cruel joke with the lady, aims to please elect and his interest in using the conversation.

Topics to communicate

If you do not know what to say when you first meet a man, let alone choose the subject.Answering these questions accurately, you, without even noticing, is included in the conversation, it will become an active participant.The most inoffensive and popular themes - entertainment and leisure.Ask chosen how he spends his spare time, what sport is involved, where summer vacationers.Discuss the pleasant moments of life is always easy and fun, especially if during a conversation, you find a lot in common.

music, literature, favorite movies - another vast reservoir of communication, which can be a maze to wander virtually forever.Even if you are suddenly categorically do not converge in taste, not to challenge the correctness.Gently tell your opponent that you have your own point of view, though, of course, you can be wrong, so happy to listen to his opinion.Representatives of the stronger sex like girls going to compromise.This category of women for them is the golden middle between the hated overconfident ladies and submissive spineless ladies.

right questions

Do not be afraid to ask.The main thing is to do it right - with feeling, really, slowly.Do not overwhelm the interlocutor a bunch of questions - this is not an interrogation, but a date.Pauses, in between talking about himself.Just do not share his plans on the house near the sea and the three kids - from the head of the gentleman immediately self-destructs, and it is unlikely you will call again.All in good time.The first date does not tolerate questions about the past and thinking about the future, especially if they relate to private life.

Focus on the present.You do not know what to talk about?Then Polyubopytstvuyte where working gentleman what his duties if he liked chosen profession.Why he decided to become a doctor (teacher, fireman, postman), he dreamed about since childhood, or someone inspired him to become this way?You can also ask how is usually held the day the gentleman what his schedule is full of events.Even if it is very curious about some of the financial aspects, such as the amount of income, the availability of housing or cars, it is better to omit.Be patient.

When the relationship is fastened

Let's say you have been together for several years.All matters relating to art, work, leisure and other, negotiated more than a dozen times.You know, even a favorite dish of his mother, and he affectionately calls his pet.What should happen next?What to say to the man, if he is to you - in fact, an open book?In such a situation it is important to keep those warm feelings that have arisen between you.First, talk to their chosen compliments.Do not forget to remind you what it is you manly, handsome, smart, smart.Make it clear that you're on cloud nine that met this prince.Speaking about the merits of the elect can be inexhaustible.

Secondly, at this stage it is already possible, and even necessary, to reflect on the future.Talk about how you and go to the mountains next summer, some buy a present for the anniversary of his dad.If a man does not strain such reasoning can risk to go further: to dream about the wedding, ask about whether he wants twins.Try not to criticize once again.We are all human and mistakes - a part of everyone's life.You can find out about the last gentleman, at this stage, he will have full trust and can share their experiences tearjerker trials.

little love

Some ladies make many mistakes when it comes to an open confession.Some cry of eternal love already on the first date, while others, until the wedding held his tongue.Here the main thing - the right to determine the time when the publication of the senses will be most appropriate.If the relationship is as close as you are familiar with all his family and best friends, you feel reciprocal tenderness and affection - to solve.Do not worry if you elect not to do so first.Guys in love affairs often these cowards and very afraid to get into a ridiculous position.

Therefore, the first step is often the ladies.Saying love a man they can in three ways.

  1. looking into the eyes.Wait until the first friendly romantic event and holding the hand of a loved one, not taking his eyes and say, "I love you.You're the most precious thing in my life. "No book grandiloquent phrases that sound unnatural.
  2. by telephone.Beautiful message with the right words will greatly simplify your task.
  3. With letters.The most romantic way.Rustling paper, handwriting and fingerprint whorls at the end of the lips ... Romance.

If your recognition is not reciprocated, do not worry.Perseverance, affection and care, you will achieve reciprocal recognition.

Community married

Gradually we understand that a person we do not talk about.All topics seem hackneyed and revolve around education and income-offspring expenditure items of the family budget.This is normal: after passing many tests as the cradle-raspashonok, focusing on the question of "to eat, to dress," people gradually lose their spiritual intimacy - it is replaced by material.To discuss the financial side is important.But even more important not to forget about those moments that made you happy.

What can I say man, if he is already ten years as your husband?Fold economic themes and just think of those wonderful times when you just met.With a smile, describes his feelings and sensations of the rainbow period.Also, to have a general topic of conversation, it is necessary to separate the interests of the partner.Watch football with him, ride on a fishing trip, sign up in the same gym that visits your spouse.He, in turn, let takes an active part in your life.Then there will be the general theme, and it will be possible to discuss all experienced together events for the day.

Specifics and lack of emotion

Perhaps these two qualities will make you a great conversationalist.If you do not know what to say, better to be silent.Discussions in the style of "I see, I sing" Enter with friends.Only women can spend hours talking about nothing.Representatives of the stronger sex like initially stick to one theme, so I draw a strictly its borders.For example, you can discuss the latest interesting inventions of scientists, a new computer game, sports news.Of course, you should always read to keep abreast of developments.But the self has not been canceled, to the same men love women advanced.Just do not be too clever, show elect that he is much wiser than you.

And please, no tantrums and tears.Respond appropriately to some of his harsh words.Perhaps he came tired from work, or simply not in the mood.In this case, please create a conversation about what it is you workaholic: without effort ship your relationship for a long time to run aground, or went to the bottom.Praise her man, admire, sing praises - he instantly thawed.And I appreciate your patience and calm.

not compare and evaluate

It is clear that the former relationship and all related vicissitudes are not the best topic of conversation with the man.Representatives of the stronger sex on the nature of the males, they do not tolerate the presence of an opponent, even in your thoughts.In his heart he knows that behind the woman were love affairs, but prefers to ignore them.Be in solidarity - not discuss ex-boyfriend and the more it does not compare with the elect.It smacks of scandal and even parting.

not evaluate favorite gifts.Even if you bought the common daisy, picture sincere joy.And even better - learn to really enjoy the lovely gift.The main thing - not the cost, and the attention shown towards you.Taboo for discussion should also be chosen friends and relatives, his interests and hobbies.Even if the mere mention of culinary talent in-law is causing your nausea, cope with and maintain the conversation: "Yes, dear, your mother - a real good sport.She has a lot to learn. "Then change the subject or better retire quietly - away from sin.

Conclusions The fact that the man says, you can write a whole book.Whatever positioned themselves representatives of the stronger sex incomparable alpha males, in their hearts they are all the same young boys in need of care and guardianship.Give him this: say kind words, praising his talents, emphasizes dignity.Discuss with him all sorts of things that interest him: sport, the economic situation of the country, the debate of the presidential candidates, the price of gasoline and the exchange rate.At the same time, it is not only natural, but really aware.

Never start a conversation with the words: "We need to talk seriously."This sentence makes men panic and desire to run aimlessly.Much better if you start communicating with the words: "My dear, advise ...", "Do you think ...", "What would you do in my place ...".These words emphasize once again that the spouse - your support and protection, the head of the family and the helmsman, who manages the family boat.What good is to say to the man?All he wants to hear.