Beck Depression Scale: description of the method and procedure of testing

Beck Depression Scale - this is one of the most famous tests to determine the severity of depression.The technique is suitable for both adults and adolescents, so often used in the practice of the school psychologist.In addition, Beck Depression Scale can be used for self-examination.

About the creator of techniques to develop a technique

Aaron Beck, an American cognitive psychologist.As a child, Beck received a strong head injury, which caused the development of a painful disease.This pathology is accompanied by fear, Aaron feared suffocation, left alone, felt intense excitement of public speaking and constantly imagined that he would die from a head injury, or heavy bleeding.

mother of the future psychologist was in depression after the loss of her eldest and only daughter - Sister Beck died during an influenza epidemic in 1919.Perhaps the psychological state of the mother was one of the reasons that researchers are interested began studying neurotic disorders.And it may even be that E. Beck

Depression Scale was designed to help its people can alleviate their suffering, they are similar to the mental anguish of his mother.

Cognitive psychology depression

Aaron Beck studied the dreams of depressed patients and compared them with stories about their own dreams of healthy people.The scientist wanted to refute the psychoanalytic notion that there is a certain neurotic patients "need to suffer" because of their psychological condition which is oppressed and depressed.

The results surprised scientists: in content dreaming depressed patients and healthy subjects were similar.Beck held a series of practical tests on the basis of which the 50-ies of XX century has put forward a new theory of depression.

Under the terms of cognitive psychology, this disorder occurs when a person has significantly distorted the processes of perception.Neurotic patients suffer because of the fear of the future and think about themselves only in a negative way.These cognitive distortions occur due to improper human perception of their life experiences.Aaron Beck proposed a new model of psychological counseling, aimed at eliminating such "wrong", maladaptive thoughts.

Beck Depression Scale.The technique

His Beck Depression Scale was first published in 1961.The material for its development served as a clinical case of a patient-volunteers, as well as data obtained by a psychologist during introspection.

Suitable Beck scale for evaluating depression in all its forms and, in addition, analysis of individual characteristic expressions of the disorder.In the test, 21 questions, each of which involves a particular neurotic symptom.Based on the responses of the test can form an opinion on the course of his depression, the most characteristic of its manifestations, to predict treatment and evaluate the success of the therapy.

also applies to self-scale Beck Depression.The procedure for testing and processing of the data is very simple, so that everyone can check yourself to do it without much difficulty.

testing procedure and instructions to the questionnaire

In the 60-ies of the last century, when there was a procedure in its initial version, the testing procedure is different from that offered by modern psychologists.Client been tested with the mandatory presence of an expert, who read out the questions and recording the answers.In addition, the psychologist also noted the general emotional state of the patient and recorded some of its behavioral manifestations.

now testing procedure takes place much easier.The subject is given answer sheet containing 21 statements about the current group for him health.In each group, such statements patient asked to select one most suitable to him.All questions are distributed according to the degree of increase of depressive symptoms and are usually marked with numbers from 0 to 3. To perform the test the examinee is given 20 minutes, but in the case of severe state of a human is allowed to increase the time.

Interpretation of results After the test is carried out scoring.Total Scale Beck can dial from 0 to 62 points, with less than the final figure, the better the patient's actual condition.

If testing is done practicing psychologist, then the results of his client, he can assign corrective exercises aimed at getting relief doldrums.In severe cases, the patient is prescribed to take anti-depressants or even strongly recommended hospitalization.

Beck Depression Scale, thus becoming an important diagnostic tool for the psychologist, which can be used throughout the course of therapy.