What is courage?What is courage and bravery?Where did they come from?

Courage and cowardice are completely opposite to each other, but there is a connection between them.Knowing exactly what is courage, what a coward - you also understand.

When fear is born?

Since its birth a person experiences fear.This sense refers to basic human emotions is necessary.It warns of the danger, that is, it is based on the most powerful instincts - self-preservation.But very often the fear starts to control the man and his actions.It is therefore necessary lifelong learning to conquer fear, be brave, brave, brave.

Courage - is ...

in this or that situation, many are trying to show its mettle.What is courage?In fact, it simply means to act without caving in to their own fears.In order to have the courage and the courage needed only an excuse, not a reason.If the will of man is not trained by then most of his courage manifests itself suddenly.This spontaneous adoption of dangerous events in the present.

Many people experience the pleasure of feeling of danger.In psychology, courage is associated with emotional experiences sthenic excitement in times of danger.But it is important to keep under control, even courage, as insane courage can be more harmful than the mad fear.Therefore, the courage to be "dosed" with a reasonable risk.

In addition, it may take a negative form - Delete.Reaching the level of affect (with boldness), the person loses critical thinking.

How to develop the courage?

Motivation plays an important role in the work on themselves.You decide how important to you courage, courage.In addition, the time should be given to physical training.Through this enhanced commitment and a growing number of victories over their fears.

Like many of the qualities you need to cultivate courage.What is the education of courage?What is it manifested?Psychologists say that this process is education of faith in their own strength and technique.It is quite feasible task for everyone.

Bravery in the modern world

courage in today's world is not one of the most important traits.Most often, the courage to expect from politicians, firefighters, military.All are now only care about their safety.Of course, it is not necessary to rush to the other extreme - constantly seek a meeting with danger.

Even the bravest people often feel fear, but they do not give that feeling to paralyze the body and will.Less courageous people fear overtakes much more often that after a while only strengthens them.You should not ever run away from your fears.This increases the probability of similar behavior in the future.In addition, the systems will be developed endless, disturbing to live and enjoy life.

fear now, and fear a couple of centuries ago are very different.For example, in today's world one of the most popular reasons for fear, perhaps, it is the need for a live audience.And the fear of being ridiculed.While just 100-200 years ago, feared, for example, innovations.How many people do not use electricity because of the fear of him?

All previous experience suggests that people gradually learned to cope with their fears and overcome them.If this does not happen, no progress would be.Yes, I had a few people who would put experiences and made an incredible discovery.But the fears were not given to further development.Therefore, bravery and courage are the engines of progress.